Amphib Assault Primer

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Amphib Assault Primer

Post by TheOx »

Ok guys, I need some help. You are my Generals/Admirals. What is a good strategy for a successful amphib assault? I ask because I got repulsed from Wake (as Allies) in 1943 unloading with APAs, LSIs, and LSTs. Units were 3 infantry regs (2 Marine, 1 Army) with 1 unit at 100 prep and the other 2 around 45-50. Two Bombardment TFs (with 4 BB apiece) hit the island 3-4 days beforehand with a 4 CV ground attack strike for 4 more days after that.

I am prepping for Guam/Tinian/Saipan, but after seeing the results at Wake, I'm having doubts. I'm going in with a much larger force, but obviously without the luxury of heavy bombing. A bombardment will start the invasion, but thats all I can get in theater.

Give me your counsel!
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RE: Amphib Assault Primer

Post by Smeulders »

Can you give some details on the defences of Wake, troops, forts, etc. ? Some combat reports might be helpful as well.

Some things that catch my eye:
- Don't invade atolls with troops not prepped to 100. Effectively, you were assaulting with only 1 regiment as the other 2 were disabled/disrupted on arrival.
- Wake has a 6000 man limit, landing 3 regiments goes way beyond that limit, meaning your troops will consume huge amounts of supply. This may have led to a lack of supplies, seriously reducing the effectiveness of your troops.
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RE: Amphib Assault Primer

Post by CaptBeefheart »

Full prep helps, tanks help (good bang for size), and certainly having a lot of LSTs or AKAs hauling only supplies in the invasion TF would help. You will suck a lot of supplies so having a good chunk of your ships hauling supplies only will keep those units fighting. AGCs help, and AGCs loaded with Amph Forces full prepped helps even more to unload those troops and supplies posthaste.

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RE: Amphib Assault Primer

Post by The Gnome »

Here's a good discussion of Invasion Fleet composition:
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RE: Amphib Assault Primer

Post by jeffk3510 »

Helps me out too.  Incredible post.  Don't forget to recon with your float planes in the bombardment task force.  Didn't see that mentioned.  Hope I didn't miss it.
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