Camera Cone issue

Panzer Command: Ostfront is the latest in a new series of 3D turn-based tactical wargames which include single battles, multi-battle operations and full war campaigns with realistic units, tactics and terrain and an informative and practical interface. Including a full Map Editor, 60+ Scenarios, 10 Campaigns and a very long list of improvements, this is the ultimate Panzer Command release for the Eastern Front!

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Camera Cone issue

Post by HintJ »

It seems the camera cone isn't quite centered on the actual view. Please notice the screen shot where I am on top of the road in the game, but the camera cone is a good bit to the side. Also, clicking on the mini map has a similar displacement.

Anyone else seeing this?

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RE: Camera Cone issue

Post by thewood1 »

I thought it was just me and not being able to see the cone properly.  I also wish it was a little darker.
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