Typhoon 2.0 Beta

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Typhoon 2.0 Beta

Post by Great_Ajax »

Typhoon 2.0 Enjoy!

Typhoon 2.0 Changes:

* German rail cut back to Nevel, Smolensk, Rosavl, and Gomel.

* FBDs reduced from four units to two

* Luftwaffe aircraft reduced to about 750 operational aircraft (around 45-55% operational readiness)

* German manning adjusted. Prior, the average strength was a flat 65-75%. I adjusted the manning so that equipment was around 90% while infantry, cavalry, motorcycle, and pioneers were cut to 70-75%. German panzer inventory slightly reduced

* Top of the map screen was cut down to around Torvhok and Kallinn. This cuts out the top two corps of the 16th Army (II and XXXIX Panzer) which historically drove northeasts towards the Svir to link up with the Finns.

* Start date is now 30 September. Historically, the 2nd Panzer Group only had a two day head start. All formations had their frozen times cut by 1-2 turns to compensate for the date change.

* Change in German supply levels.

* Extensive rework of the Soviet units. While the Soviet front line at start is basically unchanged, the rear on-map frozen armies have been removed and now arrive at their historical time frame. There were massive problems in the Soviet OOB that have been fixed. Now units arrive on their historical schedule.

* Soviet manpower pool of one million has been zeroed out.

* Moscow Defense Zone is now populated with militia, NKVD, Air Defense, and several fortfied regions

* Strength of starting Soviet force has been adjusted based on historical strength returns.

* Soviet starting line has had their frozen delay reduced to 1 turn.

* Kalinin Front renamed to Reserve Front (it should change to Kalinin on its own)

* Added disabled men to the start of the scenario for replacements
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RE: Typhoon 2.0 Beta

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RE: Typhoon 2.0 Beta

Post by Chromius »

Could you explain how this effects the default Typhoon as far as the effects in game. I normally play Typhoon from both sides once with each major patch change. I play 90 human 100 ai. Is your version more realistic? How is balance effected on each side? Your changes look very interesting.
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