Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

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Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by Moltrey »

Hey everyone:

I've been having a lot of fun with DW:RoS lately. But there is one element that is a source of frustration to me. There is a decent chance in the game of finding some pretty highly advanced ships that you can seize. You know the ones, Titan bolts and other stuff that is waaay better than anything you would have early game. Here is the problem. If you want the AI to take control of ship design, there is no way I can find to tell it "HANDS OFF!" Don't retrofit this class of ship because it is inherently better than anything we are putting out right now.

I see there is a check box for making a design obsolete, can we get something to keep the AI from ruining a perfectly kickass ship? Maybe a Do not upgrade checkbox or something similar. I just hate losing ships I choose to keep rather than scrap for tech advances. [:(]

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RE: Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by adecoy95 »

you can manually retrofit ships easily using the ship list menu, you can select multiple ships with it.

i know its not what you want, but its not too bad of an alternative.
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RE: Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by feygan »

I never use the AI design control so can't say for certain but does it not only effect ships on auto? If this is the case leave your super advanced ships on manual control and they won't get touched.
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RE: Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by Data »

That is a good idea, never cheked it but it should be tested for confirmation. Afaik leaving them on manual does not exclude them.
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RE: Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by Bingeling »

Hm, I have not properly tested this, but if it works it is nice. Will saying "yes" to the automatic "retrofit all" message also retrofit your ships in fleets?

Another annoying things with fleets is that they require a bit more care so they don't take off to the other end of the galaxy when done. So you would want retrofitting them to be manual.

I always got this gut feeling that the cost of my ordered retrofit don't add up to what the AI adviser says it would cost. I typically forget explorers, constructors. And remember mostly military ships, space ports, and defensive bases.

Another annoyance is if ships given the retire order is sent to retrofit by the AI advisor...
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RE: Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by Chet Guiles »

I have an ongoing "gripe" about ship retrofitting as well. It has to do with the fact that when there are several alternative technologies (say for engines) and you do a mass retrofit because you've developed something neat (like a better fuel cell), the AI undoes anything you've done in making your own selections of other components at the same time, often undoing a lot of work. I would like to see an "ON"/"OFF" switch for each line item of technology available for ships, and if the thing is turned "OFF" the AI won't use it at all.

Am I the only one who likes to mess with ship design who doesn't like the AI modding my designs when one single better component comes along?
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RE: Keeping Hi-tech ships from being "upgraded"

Post by cookie monster »

Even when you've stolen the best Haakonish fuel cell in the game, have the best Ugnari targetting system and stolen the best Dhayut hyperdrive the AI will include none of those in the design!

If the AI had it's way I'd be hyperdriving with the Kaldos Hyperdrive.

I turned auto design off.

And modded my mining stations to carry guns, pirates are crazy on the many setting.
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