Kudo's Matrix Support

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Kudo's Matrix Support

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As per title Kudo's to Matrix Support.
I recently pulled out the CD I had burnt the Storm in the Pacific download to, except it was blank, to load on to a new laptop. I had obviously for some strange reason forgotten to burn it and had since deleted from my system.

Tried 'find my order' but was coming up blank.
Email to Matrix Support on late Friday evening (Aussie time), so was not expecting a reply until Mon or Tues. Sunday morning and there is an email with all the info I need, I am currently redownloading now.

Matrix's customer service (and company as a whole) is A1. Thank you.
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RE: Kudo's Matrix Support

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They must keep 'The Gimp' chained up to a computer, there, over the weekends.

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