40th Panzer Corps mod

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40th Panzer Corps mod

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This is a campaign version (with some new changes) of the earlier scenario I did for just the Barbarossa scenario.

One of the OKH draft plans included an attack out of Rumania by a panzer corps. This plan was changed by Hitler before the Balkans campaign took place because Hitler felt the Dnester was too big of an obstacle.

This alternative version features a proposal by OKH towards the end of the campaign in Greece to move 2nd and 5th panzer divisions to Rumania since they won't be able to get to central Poland in time for the start of Barbarossa and put back into place the original OKH proposal of having a panzer corps available to attack out of Rumania. Hitler approves the change so instead of 2nd and 5th panzer having all their tracked vehicles sunk while being transported to Italy, they instead redeploy back to Rumania along with 16 motor division. The panzer divisions are not quite up to strength tank wise and also do not enjoy the supply advantages many of the other divisions enjoy. In addition, the Germans have some additional tanks added to their pools to reflect that 2nd and 5th panzer did not suck 3 months of tank production to be rebuilt.

With the changes of adding XL panzer corps to 11th army, some command changes are made in Rumania. Rumanian units are placed under Rumanian command.

This scenario favors the Axis player over the original scenario.

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RE: 40th Panzer Corps mod

Post by G Felzien »

This sounds very interesting. Thanks for putting it together.
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