Close Combat Player's News - January 3rd, 2011

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Close Combat Player's News - January 3rd, 2011

Post by mooxe »

Image Matrix Games released a new Beta patch on the 9th of December 2010 for Last Stand Arnhem. You can download the new patch directly from here,  v5.60.050b. To view the full list of changes for this new patch read Andrew Loveridge's post at the Matrix site. This patch is all inclusive, it contains all the fixes data from every previous patch. All previous patches can be downloaded from our FTP site.

Metal Mod v1.0 by Zon is now available for download. This mod will change many of the Allied and German vehicle graphics. To install simply unzip the archive and run the EXE file. Follow through the prompts the installer will give you. An icon will be placed on your desktop when complete. To uninstall, go through your Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs. Here are some examples of the graphic changes. For more images visit the Metal Mod Gallery.

Image Another beta patch for Wacht Am Rhein has been released. Skip the Member's Club and download it straight from CCS. This version v.4.50.12b was released December 13th 2010. Like all patches for the rereleases so far, this one is all inclusive. I recommend you restart any campaigns or operations you have in progress. You can read the full list of changes in this version in the WaR Forum, post any bugs you find there as well. Naturally you can post any bugs you find over at the Matrix Games Wacht Am Rhein forum too.

Image A new patch for The Longest Day has also been released, and is available here, v.5.50.11b. Its all inclusive and the biggest change is the updated path finding system from Last Stand Arnhem has been included. Post any new bugs you find in the The Longest Day Forum or over at Matrix Games.

The newest version of Ground Tactics is now online for you to play. Davidssfx has released his final Ground Tactics v2.0. This version was modified to work with GameRanger. GameRanger will now auto-connect you and your opponent with this new version. Follow the installation instructions on the download link, you will need ModSwap.  If you are new to Ground Tactics read David's post over at Matrix to get a quick rundown of all the additions and deletions.

Image The Total Realism Sub Mod (TRSM) has been updated recently by Dima for CC5 Invasion Normandy. Version 0.982 (final) is now available for download. There are some notable changes. The 6pdr, 4.7cm and 3.7cm guns will not fit into buildings anymore. 81mm mortar ammo count reduced for both sides. The AVRE reload back to the original 90 seconds. HMG, MMG and mortars can now deploy and commence firing much faster. Considering the weight these changes hold, it is advisable to restart any campaigns or operations you may have started if you are not too far along. The TRSM Real Weapons Artwork submod and RD_DeathDealer's TRSM Sound mod are not compatible with this new version of TRSM. They will be taken offline until they are updated by the modder. You can still get them and older versions of TRSM from the FTP site.

Image Yuma has released a modified mappack  of the CC4 original maps. These modified CC4 maps add more trees, minefields and ruins. Water crossings and some buildings have been recoded also. These changes to LOS will give your units more cover when entering a map for the first time. Taking tanks off road will be bit more troublesome as well, it will require more delicate manoeuvring around trees and minefields. To install, backup your C:/Program Files/Close Combat IV/Maps folder and unzip these files into the original folder.

Image Since our shift to playing Close Combat to GameRanger (GR) we have encountered a problem with auto connecting the rereleases. GR requires the intro, main and multiplayer screens to remain as is, or with very minimal changes. If you intend to create a mod for it to be played multiplayer on GR, consult the forums first on what you can and cannot change. Auto install mods made for the re-releases will not function at all on GR, therefore your mod must be installed through ModSwap, and you change the three screens all you want in this case. There is an ongoing discussion about it here in our forums.

Image&nbsp;Want all the Close Combat forums at Matrix Games to show up on the same page? Well you can do it, follow these steps. Login to the Matrix Games Forums and select My Subscription (top right). Once in there text search or scroll down to each Close Combat forum. Check the main box, not the sub boxes. Once all five forums are checked click Ok and you are done. Now you can bookmark this link and you will be taken to only the Close Combat forums. <br> &nbsp; <br> The FTP site is back online again! You can access every single mod that you can on the website and older mod versions that are no longer available. The address is, username ccmods and the password is A6WChQddXMm5rpd7.
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RE: Close Combat Player's News - January 3rd, 2011

Post by SLAAKMAN »

Good job Mooxe. Thanks!
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RE: Close Combat Player's News - January 3rd, 2011

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Thanks for the info Mooxe!
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