Some sad news...

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Erik Rutins
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Some sad news...

Post by Erik Rutins »

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, David Heath's father, Thomas Heath, passed away on Friday morning. Tom was a great father to Dave, Liz and Danny, a great Grandpa and a great friend to all of us in the company. He supported Dave and all of his kids in everything they did and always had a kind word, encouragement, or a good joke to tell whenever he was with us as part of the Matrix team at our conventions.

We will all miss him.

Please understand that as the Heath family (Dave, Elizabeth and Daniel) are a key part of Matrix Games, some parts of our operations will be delayed and e-mails to them are likely to go unanswered this week.

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Erik Rutins
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by vonRocko »

My condolences. Best wishes to the Heath family.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Missouri_Rebel »

So sorry for your loss Dave. I know words seem hollow during these horrible times yet it was spoken in Matthew 5:4  “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

 I'm sure your father knew your love for him and also felt the pride of such a accomplished son.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you David and family.

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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Greybriar »

Please accept my sincere sympathy.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Les_the_Sarge_9_1 »

Sad to hear this news David.

Remember though, he is remembered well, which is something all of us would like to have.
He lives on as a good memory.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Terminus »

Damn... Deepest condolences to David and his family.[:(]
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by hadberz »

I'm sorry for your loss.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by witpqs »

My condolences, David. Sorry for your loss.
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Onime No Kyo
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Onime No Kyo »

Deepest condolences.
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Yogi the Great
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Yogi the Great »

May you find comfort in your memories, your family tradition, your friends and in your faith.

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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Apollo11 »

Hi all,

My deepest condolences to Dave and his family...

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RE: Some sad news...

Post by bradfordkay »

Sorry to hear that, Dave. Family is most important at these times. Take care of them and yourself...
fair winds,
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by parusski »

Sorry for your loss David.
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Mad Russian
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Mad Russian »

My condolences to you Dave. Your family will be our prayers.

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RE: Some sad news...

Post by rickier65 »

My thoughts go out to the Heath family, and the Matrix family for their loss.

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RE: Some sad news...

Post by sprior »

My sympathies to David and his family. I hope they find some solace in happy memories.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Anguille »

My most sincere condolocences....that's a difficult time. I wish all of you courage.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Anthropoid »

So sorry to hear of your loss David. Condolences to you and the whole Matrix family.
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by Chickenboy »

Thanks for the notice, Eric. David, my sympathies for your family's loss.
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V22 Osprey
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RE: Some sad news...

Post by V22 Osprey »

Sorry for your loss, Heath family and Matrix Games.
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