In this game, I have to cheat!

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: The German-Soviet War 1941-1945 is a turn-based World War II strategy game stretching across the entire Eastern Front. Gamers can engage in an epic campaign, including division-sized battles with realistic and historical terrain, weather, orders of battle, logistics and combat results.

The critically and fan-acclaimed Eastern Front mega-game Gary Grigsby’s War in the East just got bigger and better with Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: Don to the Danube! This expansion to the award-winning War in the East comes with a wide array of later war scenarios ranging from short but intense 6 turn bouts like the Battle for Kharkov (1942) to immense 37-turn engagements taking place across multiple nations like Drama on the Danube (Summer 1944 – Spring 1945).

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In this game, I have to cheat!

Post by Rosseau »

Bear with me on this. It's a true story. I create a meeting engagement based on Road to Minsk, with both sides pretty evenly matched, although the Germans--who I will play vs. the AI--have a measurable edge. What I did in the editor should have broke the game and the scenario. But what do you know: the Soviet AI moves out smartly on its objectives and we meet somewhere in the middle. The AI is set to "sustained attack" in the editor. I totally wing this thing, and it's playing out like a scenario that came with the game.

I manage to create a three hex pocket up north and trap 9 soviets. This is not a big pocket but the AI sees it, and in the only move it makes in that turn, it breaks its units free. Okay, it must have been something I didn't see. So I reload the save and spend several minutes with a different strategy. That SOB AI breaks the pocket again using a completely different approach. Now I'm pissed. My third try and it finds a way to break the pocket yet again. SSG's AI comes fairly close, but really, never seen anything like this.

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RE: In this game, I have to cheat!

Post by 2ndACR »

This AI is really impressive. I find that it keeps me on my toes at all times.
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RE: In this game, I have to cheat!

Post by Tzar007 »

I'm not cheating but this AI almost seems to divine my plans...often, I manage to punch a wedge on the front line at 2 places. Before I can fully exploit, the damn AI smells that something afoul is brewing and it withdraws its guys and save them for another day. Makes me nuts ! 
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RE: In this game, I have to cheat!

Post by Avenger »

If you cheat enough you will win. I replayed several turns in the Grand campaign, multiple reloads, until I was able to capture Leningrad before the mud turns. In the end it really serves no purpose. I am the only one who knows that I won. I also know how I won so I am super crazy for sitting there reloading those turns over and over.
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RE: In this game, I have to cheat!

Post by Q-Ball »

The AI gives a good game, at least on the defensive. On the offensive, it has some problems, but that is to be expected; very tough to program a good offensive AI.

I am noticing in the campaign scenario, (AXIS vs. Soviet AI on Normal), the AI is launching suicidal attacks in the Blizzard of 42-43. While this worked a year ago, the AI is attacking at appalling odds, and getting mowed down for little game. Last turn was something like 14K Axis to 154K Soviet, and even worse ratio in AFVs (over 2000 vs. 35) Not sure why the AI is persisting in these attacks.
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RE: In this game, I have to cheat!

Post by Joel Billings »

There was a bug in the AI attack routine that could allow it to make very bad attacks (those where the attacking modified CV was 0). We've fixed this, and it will be in the next patch. That should eliminate the very worst attacks, but there still will be other attacks where the Soviets lose a lot.
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