Wargames on hand helds or portable devices

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Wargames on hand helds or portable devices

Post by Les_the_Sarge_9_1 »

I don't post much here, and this is not likely to change much.

But this particular topic is of specific interest to me.

Are you specifically so obstinate you simply won't even try, or are you just waiting on a game of sufficient worth, to get you to consider wargames on other than a desktop?

I have a friend that recently discovered Commander Europe at War on PSP. He's NOT a wargamer, but the game grabbed his interest. I told him I could also see to it he was able to compare it to the PC version too.

I have several very satisfying wargames on my Nintendo DS.

I also have a laptop which I actually consider my main computer these days.

I'd like to find a hand held device, of decent screen size (something approaching iPad dimensions), that can employ some form of Windows 7 such that it can play actual wargames (even if not quite War in the East magnitude).
I also of course want to be able to read documents, in colour, on a screen that is at least close to the size of the original page.
And anything that can render a decent page size, will be sufficient size for a web page. Because I have found, web browsing on even the Nintendo DSi XL is still small enough to be pointless for the most part.

I consider being tied to a desktop in order to play a wargame, to be a pain.
I don't require my most powerful wargames to be able to run on something portable.
But considering most wargames simply don't require massive sums of computer muscle, I don't see why we can't be playing them in a more mobile fashion.

For those that often mention 'gaming at work', wouldn't it be cool to have a more mobile device, such that you didn't even need the work machines?

How much of your refusal to game off of a desktop, is just refusal to game on anything else.
And how much of your not gaming on the go, is because no one is making the games?
Because very rapidly, the options of which devices to pick from are becoming more and more numerous. But the numbers of games are not becoming numerous.
I LIKE that my life bothers them,
Why should I be the only one bothered by it eh.
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