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House Rules

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Here's a list of "ancient" house rules I found doing HD cleanup. I thought it might be usefull to some ...
House rules:
1. A corps can only change HQ before it has been special supplied (Bug #1- special supply is limited by Operational Points in a single HQ and Issue #1).
2. Each HQ may air attack any single enemy Corps/HQ only once per turn. No single enemy Corps/HQ may be air attacked (interdict or bomb AF) more than 3 times per turn. Any airgroup can fly only one airmission per turn (Bug #6, Issue #4).
3. A corps must have x+1 Mobile division sized units in it to plot more than two squares of movement where x=number of Infantry division sized unit in it (Issue #5, Issue #6).
4. HQ's may only contain 3 divisions per hexes it is away from a enemy controled hex ; HQ's 4 or more hexes away may contain an unlimited amount of divisions. For hex counting include the hex the friendly HQ is in (Issue #12).
5. Usage of naval transportation is limited to 3 stack points per turn. Destination hex must be a port (Issue #8).
6. Players cannot change a structure of command and Hitler\Stalin leadership (Bug #2, Bug #3).
7. Players can change a production of no more than one tank and one airplane factory per turn (my personal favorite). Players cannot change a production of factory with delay (Bug #5).
8. Usage of bugs #8, #9, #10, #11 (players has to set “human production upgrade control”), #12, #13 (65000 railroad points) is cheating.
9. Finnish forces cannot attack (but can bomard) Leningrad (40,7) or it’s supply hex (41,6). The Soviets are required to garrison Leningrad with minimum 3 division sized units. If Leningrad is captured, Finnish forces are allowed to enter Soviet territory and engage in combat but they must remain on or above the 12th parallel (Issue 12).

List of bugs and issues:

B1: Special supply through renaming
- A corps can be special supplied repeatedly if it is renamed.
B2: High command leader change
- Stavka and OKH can be removed and placed again; this changes their leaders. However, if a player does this he will no longer receive new formations.
B3: High command circumventing
- A circular order of command can be established among HQs with the Alt-H command, thus circumventing higher command completely.
B4: Free transfer
- All units assigned to HQs with zero OPs can be transferred out at no cost.
B5 Factory delay reduction
- A factory with a delay level over 4 can be converted, reducing the delay to 4.
B6 [/b] Fighter bomber repeated interdiction
- If an interdiction mission is conducted, all fighter-bomber groups have their "u" marker removed and can be used again to interdict.
B7 Repeated attacks stop
- A player can have overwhelming odds against a repeated attacks hex but these will stop if other combat takes place elsewhere.
B8 Half-way saving
- If a player saves during the turn and restores the game, he will get extra reinforcements, entrenchment, readiness etc.
B9 Restarting the turn
- A player (especially Soviet) can restart their turn to influence the following: leader resignation; unsuccessful USAAF missions; weather
B10 Editors
- The save files are weakly encrypted, making it possible for players to use editors to affect the game stats directly.
B11 Fast production change
- Under computer control, a factory will upgrade its production with only a delay of 1, even if it has just been changed to the previous item. This makes it possible to change production in just 2 turns instead of 4 for items that can be upgraded to.
B12 Assigning enemy units
- Players are able to change the HQ assignment of enemy units.
B13 Fantastic railroad
- Players can gain 6500 railroadpoints


I1: Mules
- A corps can fight under the command of a different HQ than the one that gave it special supply.
I2: Fighting HQs
- HQs can be stuffed up with units and placed on the front line for overstrength defense.
I3: Excessive production of heavy tanks - A player can produce unhistorically high numbers of heavy tanks and use them to great effect.
I4: Repeated interdiction
- It's possible to bomb a single hex with single groups of bombers, to great effect, especially if combined with B6 above.
I5: Isolation at low cost
- Small formations can be placed in mobile corps sent to cut the enemy's lines of supply.
I6: Fast infantry
- Mobile corps with few mobile divisions and a lot of infantry can plot 5 and will restore their readiness quickly, especially during German blitz supply
I7: Minor allies in the west
- The German player can send minor allied formations to fronts they could never have fought on.
I8: Naval transport
- Units can be sent or retrieved from a city in naval supply using rail transfer.
I9: Exclusive air supply
- An isolated corps can still advance and attack if it is well supplied from the air.
I10: Airfield vulnerability
- With only two exceptions, airfields can be hit anywhere on the map, even at great distances.
I11: Overproduction of a single type
- Some items are very powerful in the game and players will produce many more of them than was historically the case. Some of the problems of these items are not reflected in the game though (e.g. the He177 had very unreliable engines).
I12: Finnish politics
- Finland's war aims were limited and their troops wouldn't have attacked Leningrad or advanced very far within the USSR.
I13: High readiness shattering
- The Soviets in the summer of '41 and the Germans during the blizzard of the same year shatter easily at high readiness levels. The problem is supposed to be fixed for the Germans with v3.3
I14: Tanks in hard terrain
- Units can move through mountains and unfrozen swamps without losing speed.
I15: Extremely long marches
- Divisions can be moved from one end of the map to the other without using rail points if all the corps they pass through are special supplied.

Unruled Bugs and issues:
B#4: It is generally bad to have a HQ with zero Oprerational Points. So I think this bug cannot be abused.
B#7: This bug is out of human control.
I#3: See I#11.
I#7: I see no problem here.
I#9: I see no problem here.
I#10: I have never expirienced this problem.
I#11: (and I#3) Mono type production is not very historical, but the reasons for multi-type producing were: 1) Nobody knew the real “stats” of new equipment. 2) Lobbies of various groups existed in both countries. 3) Concept of main battle tank was not introduced.
As we are beyond these restrictions...
I#13: Just play around it.
I#14: Yes, tanks and mechanised divisions can move through mountains and swamp without losing speed. Terrain is not a barrier for troops, only enemy resistance is (as some famous soviet general said).
I#15: You have to spend a lot of Operational points for such march.
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RE: House Rules

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bumped  - as it has a lot of useful info
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