Age of Heroes Online !!!

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Age of Heroes Online !!!

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Age of Heroes Online is a multiplatform online RPG-strategy based on series of mobile games «Age of Heroes» by Qplaze ®.

It is based on profoundly developed fantasy world with its unique history, geography, magic and traditionally intricate political situation.

Age of Heroes Online is built on the basis of one of the most popular settings in fantasy style – a story of huge world inhabited by humans, elves, orcs and gnomes.

Controls elements used in the game are simple and intuitive… history of the world and game features are presented to the player gradually, step by step.

For player are available all the races in game and plenty of development ways for every game class. With almost every NPC or object in game player can interact – talk, fight, look over.

Age of Heroes Online is available both for users of PC and different mobile devices – mobile phones, pocket PC, communicators – at any time and almost in any place;

The list of supported platform includes – Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile 5-6, Symbian OS. Also Age of Heroes Online successfully works on most of mobile phones with Java MIDP 2.0 support and Internet access. However, game functionality on different devices is completely the same and gives no advantages to any of the players.

For Age of Heroes Online players is available an enormous game world that greatly exceeds the sizes of other multiplatform MMORPG:

· More than 60 locations with more than 200 unique maps for travelling and exploring;

· More than 60 buildings and objects – from palaces to tombs, from tradesmen shops to gladiators’ arenas.

· 9 different types of locality and game landscape vividly illustrating the differences between game races;

· More than 25 types of battle fields completely depended on type of locality.

Gameplay of Age of Heroes Online can surprise with its variety even experienced players of online PC games:

· In game there are more than 100 creatures with most of which player can not only fight but also hire them to his army;

· 4 races of Age of Heroes Online not only have their own set of creatures but also unique locations, architecture, cities, heroes and magic schools;

· For player there are available more than 130 unique quests and tasks of different degree of complexity and in different localities full of danger and adventures;

· Player can select from 12 unique heroes with more than hundred of different skills and special abilities available for development;

· More than 100 different animated effects go with battle actions – spectacular magic, explosions, lightning, special heroes’ abilities and many others, - creating truly epic battle canvas;

· In the world exist 400 different magic objects and artifacts all of which can be found, purchased or gained by player in the battle.

You can try it with the links
and you will have it already on your mobile phone!

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RE: Age of Heroes Online !!!

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Is this a spammer? ^ Man it's getting hard to tell sometimes since I have an interest in online mmo or mmorpgs
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RE: Age of Heroes Online !!!

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It's a spammer allright, don't you smell their foul stench? [:@]
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RE: Age of Heroes Online !!!

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Sorry I don't have a scratch n sniff monitor!
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RE: Age of Heroes Online !!!

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PEE U. it comes in a can also[:@]
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