Full speed ahead?

Uncommon Valor: Campaign for the South Pacific covers the campaigns for New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland and the Solomon chain.

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Full speed ahead?

Post by Feinder »

Is there a way to get my task forces to move at max speed at my request/discretion?

Some situations come to mind...

a. Enemy transport task force is ripe for the picking if I can get my CVs there fast enough. I can shave off a day of transit time to nail them, AND stay in front of the 4 enemy CVs that are chasing me...

b. Racing my own transports to reinforce a besieged garrison! The more men and supplies that are there sooner, the better! I don't care if the ships will suffer additional systems damage, I want those troops ashore! The ships can sit in port for a week afterwards for all I care.

c. A crippled CV is slowly limping home, I want to catch it with my Surface Combat TF before it gets into range of its own land-based aircraft!

I relize that TF will sometimes use full speed to sprint to their destination, but I didn't see in the manual any way of forcing a TF to go full speed otherwise.

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Post by Long Lance »

Good Idea.
I posted something similar or at least thought about posting the wish to have a Force Flank Button.
No must-have, but a nice-to-have.
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