1.04 B4 Bug: Mislabeled Refits

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1.04 B4 Bug: Mislabeled Refits

Post by jscott991 »

If you upgrade a starbase to a larger size, it will still claim to be the smaller size.

For example, my homeworld started with a medium space port that I upgraded to a large space port.

Whenever I hover over the station, it still claims to be a medium space port. It is, however, in all other respects a large space port.

I read elsewhere about this occurring in other instances, but this is the only thing I've noticed.

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RE: 1.04 B4 Bug: Mislabeled Refits

Post by Fishman »

Yeah, I mentioned this. I think it is because Spaceports are strange in that they allow you to refit across roles. Other ships only let you refit to another model of the same role, but spaceports can be refitted across the different spaceport roles.
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