Operational Art of War on Vista?

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Operational Art of War on Vista?

Post by dtopper12 »

Can someone please tell me if the game "Operational Art of War" will run okay under the Vista version of Microsoft's OPerating System?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I'd like to purchase this game!

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RE: Operational Art of War on Vista?

Post by cantona2 »

runs fine in vista
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RE: Operational Art of War on Vista?

Post by SlickWilhelm »

Yep, runs great on Vista.
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RE: Operational Art of War on Vista?

Post by chrisol »

Yes, but more than that... one of the reasons for updating seems to be that the older TOAW (like COW, if that means anything) apparently had some calculation problems with Vista (not that I'm actually sufficiently of a grognard to have been able to spot them, but I'm sure someone could say... as long as it isn't the old rifles vs tanks debates)

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