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Distant Worlds is a vast, pausable real-time, 4X space strategy game which models a "living galaxy" with incredible options for replayability and customizability. Experience the full depth and detail of large turn-based strategy games, but with the simplicity and ease of real-time, and on the scale of a massively-multiplayer online game. Now greatly enhanced with the new Universe release, which includes all four previous releases as well as the new Universe expansion!

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Erik Rutins
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Latest Update Information

Post by Erik Rutins »

Hi everyone,

The v1.0.3 update is now in internal testing. If everything looks good, we will make it a public beta tomorrow and release it as official later this week. Here's the list of changes:

Items fixed/added in v1.0.3:

1. Memory usage extensively optimized and reduced. Large games now consume much less memory. Should resolve the crashes related to Out of Memory and crashes during save/load.
2. Added AutoSave feature - turn on in Game Options screen (O key), can set variable interval between saves from 10-60 minutes
3. Fleets now respond properly to manual control - will not automatically disband
4. Added new buttons in Fleets screen: Repair and Refuel selected fleet, Retrofit selected fleet
5. Names of damaged ships display as red in Ships and Bases screen
6. Added new button to Ships and Bases screen: Repair Selected Ship
7. Fixed Design screen issues (tm.asp?m=2420971). Also reworked Designs screen as follows:
- Can filter designs to show: All, Non-Obsolete, Latest of each type
- Can toggle designs as obsolete/not obsolete directly from designs list
- Can mass upgrade designs from Designs Screen - multi-select designs and click Upgrade button
- Allow retrofit to any non-obsolete design for a given ship type (right-click menu)
- AI ship design will no longer auto-obsolete manually created designs
8. Fixed Trade negative money with another empire (tm.asp?m=2418787)
9. Fixed crash when attack abandoned ship (tm.asp?m=2418633)
10. Fixed drawing crash (tm.asp?m=2419321&mpage=1&key=�)
11. Fixed Design values for Recreation center and Medical center components (tm.asp?m=2417704)
12. Fixed bug where could build advanced designs without proper tech (tm.asp?m=2419094)
13. Ships evaluate space monsters as stronger threats, keeping their distance from them when attacking (tm.asp?m=2420346)
14. Fixed UI issues after history events from Zenox (tm.asp?m=2419586)
15. Fixed exploration ships sometimes getting stuck, especially when manually assigned to explore a system
16. Refueling bug fixed where ships prefer not to refuel at colonies with incomplete space ports (tm.asp?m=2422103)
17. Can now continue playing after you lose a game, but only if you have not been completely conquered (no colonies left) (tm.asp? m=2420055)
18. Fixed crash research program sometimes not stopping (tm.asp?m=2419493)
19. Ensure Resupply Ships properly deploy and refuel themselves from own supply (tm.asp?m=2420208)
20. Fixed stalled construction problems - construction now much less likely to stall
21. Added Resort Bases to build menu (were missing previously) (tm.asp?m=2418554)
22. Bombard weapons and Torpedo weapons now properly used in designs when upgrading (tm.asp?m=2420919&mpage=1&key=#2420919)
23. Fixed positioning of information in Selection Panel (tm.asp?m=2419234)
24. Canceling a retrofit mission for a ship no longer prevents reassigning another retrofit mission (tm.asp?m=2424223)
25. Fixed retrofitting issues (tm.asp?m=2424082)
26. Fixed crash in Trade screen (tm.asp?m=2426018)
27. Rebalanced and reduced colony income for large empires - corruption stronger when grow very large

Also, while this patch contains a lot of stuff, there's still more that we haven't got to yet. So we'll be continuing to work on the remaining issues and improvement areas. But we though it best to get this update released as soon as possible, especially with the important memory fixes.

Some features we're planning to add soon:

- support for mass retrofitting from Ships and Bases screen
- allow toggling which ship and base icons are displayed when zoomed out to sector/galaxy view (especially useful late game when want to focus on war and fleets)
- tweaks for fleet AI to help them stay together better and be even more relentless as they pursue you
Erik Rutins
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by BigWolfChris »

Ok... I want this now lol
Thank you for the update, some very tasty stuff in there
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by Wade1000 »

Oh my god. Beautiful.
I will paste this to some other Distant Worlds threads I made at other forums.
Wish list:population centers beyond planetary(,Ring Orbitals,Sphere Orbitals,Ringworlds,Sphereworlds;ability to create & destroy planets,population centers,stars;AI competently using all advances & features.
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by ASHBERY76 »

Great stuff.

Poor Elliot have been working hard over the holiday.
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by HsojVvad »

Thanks for the update Erik, it is greatly appreciated. Same old question, does this work with previous saved games?
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by EisenHammer »

Nice update and fast... Looking forward to starting a new game tomorrow.[:)]
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by nammafia »

Thank you, Erik & Elliot.  This, continuing support and improvement, is why I purchased the game.  It is a game I am playing for a long time.
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by lordxorn »

What an impressive list of updates in such a short amount of time.

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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by Gertjan »

Good work! This is really impressive.
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by Mestor »

Excellent news, I can live without general mass retrofitting for a while so long as fleets have a retrofit option, as the pirate/monster patrol frigates are a dime a dozen : )
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by YvesDelecroix »

I want to commend you at Matrix Games for doing such a great job with this game and for responding so quickly with updates taken from suggestions by the community. It's absolutely like nothing I've ever seen with a developer before and I think you should all be proud with the work you're doing. Keep it up :)
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by JonathanStrange »

Amazing and beautiful; love the rapid response esp. to issue 1, 2, 3
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by RViener »

Erik, I guess this addresses my memory issue. I'll let you know.
Bob Viener
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by nicodede62 »

Nice patch coming [:)].

As against an issue on the modding
Will we unlock a bit more in the next patchs??
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by codearchitect »

Superb effort Erik and developers!

Thanks again for being so responsive to the community
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by Haplo_Patryn »

Great. Enjoying this game a lot.
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by malkuth74 »

Me want. Me want. Me want. [&o]
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by atlana »

i guess it's one advantage using .NET and XNA for a faster bugfixing and deployment :D
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by Korvus77 »

*cue spaceballs scene*

Isn't it already tomorrow today in kiwiland? I am digging the game however after several tries I can't get past a few hours before it is crash crash crash editor or no editor. [:D]
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RE: Latest Update Information

Post by RavenX »

Great work indeed, can't wait :)
This game, sir, has given me new hope for Matrix Games. Honestly, I was kind of let down with the new Armada game and as such I wasn't sure if I was going to purchase Distant Worlds. Now, I'm glad I did. It's a very fun game IMO and all it lacks to be perfect is a little UI functionality here and there and some minor tweaks (which you seem to be doing a great job fixing). Thank you. :)
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