"Ships waiting to dock" bug causes planets to not dock ships

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"Ships waiting to dock" bug causes planets to not dock ships

Post by Eplekongen »

Some of my planets and stations show that there are "[none]" ships docked and several ships waiting. The most I've seen are "Docked: [none] 126 waiting". After looking around a bit I found that in the list over ships waiting to dock the top ship is always a military ship, my own race and other races ships. And their mission often have nothing to do with docking at a planet.

Now, on one of the planets that had my own ship at the top of the queue, I located the ship (it was in another system and I even had it refuel at another planet). After refueling at another planet, it was still in the bugged planets docking queue. Even after I destroyed the ship it was still in the docking queue!

Basically, the docking queue gets filled up with ships that are not docking there, and then no other ships can dock there. This leads to civilian ships simply standing at the planet waiting to dock forever! At one planet so many ships were trying to dock that the right-click list was larger than the screen.

With my military ships I can always go to another planet, but I can't move the civilian ships, and the docking queue doesn't remove the ships even if I send them somewhere else! And of course I can do nothing with the ships in the queue that belong to other races.

With space ports I would have to retire the space port and build a new one. No such workaround with planets. It makes the game almost unplayable.

Is there a way to fix the issue, have others seen this?
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RE: "Ships waiting to dock" bug causes planets to not dock ships

Post by Erik Rutins »

Hi Eplekongen,

Thanks for the report, do you have a save file that shows this? If so, could you please upload it per the instructions pinned to the top of this forum? We will take a look and fix any bugs.


- Erik
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