Barges vs Bataan - The AI tries something new

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Barges vs Bataan - The AI tries something new

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I have a game going against the AI that is a few weeks ahead of my pbem game. I have been using the AI game to try out ideas before I use them against my human opponent. (So far that has been a VERY GOOD thing to do, because many of my "bright ideas" have been real duds because I didn't understand the Game Mechanics well enough. [X(] )

The AI pulled off a novel trick today - it sent in 4 big TFs full of barges past the guns and mines at Bataan, just after it captured Clark Field.

It was rather funny - countless messages of "LB obliterated" thanks to mines and various sizes of CD guns, ranging from 5 inchers to the biggest guns at Bataan. Dozens and dozens of barges were blown out of the water.

Oddly enough, something called a "MG" got through, but it tried to come out the next turn and was blasted by dozens of shells from the CD guns.

I checked afterwards, and I still had mines left in position (I was wondering for a while if this was just the AI's way of minesweeping... ) and I also still had ammo for my CD guns.

It's only too bad that the AI didn't send one of it's CV TFs in, like it has done in so many other locations. [;)]
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