Pilot replacement tools / from fighter to bomber

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Pilot replacement tools / from fighter to bomber

Post by KenchiSulla »

I noticed that, in case you dont have experienced bomber pilots in the reserve pool available, the hand draw replacement button (if set to reserve pool, not the replacement pool of low experience pilots) draws high experience fighter pilots into bomber squadrons. They take a experience hit of about 30 if you do that and your not getting those 30 points back when you transfer them back to the fighter arm.

It seems that the setting doesnt look at the actual training of that pilot, just the experience level.

Ofcourse I could prevent it by handpicking or having enough bomber pilots in the pool but still... it hurts a bit. Is there another way of fixing this, for example only allow drawing fighter pilots into bomber squadrons (or vice versa) by the request veteran button?

Anyone else ran into this problem?
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RE: Pilot replacement tools / from fighter to bomber

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There´s only this one advice that´s been given since the starting days of WITP: don´t let the AI choose or do anything for you if you can do it yourself. But I agree, the micromanagement can really hurt at times. And while micromanagement is good, a better working AI for those routines would help a lot.
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RE: Pilot replacement tools / from fighter to bomber

Post by freeboy »

more toggle fanboy= me[:D]
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