service rating/upgrade paths

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service rating/upgrade paths

Post by jackyo123 »

questions on plane upgrades (am playing with player def upgrades ON)

My wildcat f-3f's have 'buffaloes' set as their upgrade - wouldnt that be a 'downgrade'? IIRC, the buffalos were the predecessors of the wildcats.

And what are the 'service ratings' on the aircraft data page? Cant find info on that one.

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RE: service rating/upgrade paths

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Technically yes it is a down-grade, but in game play it is called an upgrade. Maybe they should have called :"Plane Change"? Inventory redistribution. most times you use this game play key it will be for upgrading to a new model. But sometimes you have to change back after taking heavy losses. Or a unit is going back to PH to train for a month so may as well train them in Buffloes if they are plentiful.

The service rating is an indication of have complex a plane is. The higher the service rating, the longer a plane type will have to stay in maintenance. So a wooden, single engine fighter would normally have very low service rating and pass through the workshops quickly. While a large all metal four-engined bomber will take much longer. So B17 might be very dangerous when flying over an enemy a/f but can spend more time in maintenance and therefore have less missions than say a trusty Blenhiem. If you Right Click over the pilot info on bottom left of the squadron screen you can see how long each plane will be in for servicing.
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