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SPWaW is a tactical squad-level World War II game on single platoon or up to an entire battalion through Europe and the Pacific (1939 to 1945).

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Steel Sharks!

Post by Maelstrom »

As I was taking a look at the Tulagi campaign, and the great map it's based on i had an idea. Why not create a SP naval mod ? The multi-maps would give you a decent size to play around with for small unit actions. In the aforementioned campaign the author even modeled in working destroyer.

A less ambitious alternative would be to create some scenario's which have some decent naval forces in them. I'm thinking having a DD squadron or two would be nice, maybe the occasional sub. Wasn't it Rabaul in which American carrier planes sunk a pair of Japanese Cruisers who were bombarding the shore ? It'd be great to have a couple dozen off-board dauntless's and wildcat's which were carrier based. Or 16 inch. fire from OB battleships. It would be really cool to see a ship-to ship action, or large troop transport ships, instead of just seeing the LVT's and barges start at the coast.

Would anyone be interested in doing something like this ?
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Post by jsaurman »

That is a great idea! Didn't one of the German Cruisers get killed by Norwegian torpedos fired from the shore? Was it Prinz Eugen? I can't remember. Na, probably Blücher, I will look it up when I get home.

Regardless, that would be a cool naval vs shore battle! You could have a bunch of shore batteries and rail guns blasting away at the ships also....
I wish I had more time, I would make some cool scenerios based on that.

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Post by FWH_Odin »

Yes, jsaurman, the heavy cruiser Blücher was sunk in the oslo-fjord by the two old cannons "Moses" and "Aaron" (180mm. guns I think) and their supporting torpedo batteries.
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Post by Don Doom »

Didn't I read or see some where on line that they went down on the Blucher, and check to see if they could stop or remove the oil that was leaking from her.
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Post by Viriato »

That´s not a good idea , that's a damn great idea , besides it could give new twists on cenarios , for example the reinforcements would come from transport ships and the landing craft would have to ferry them from this ships to shore while under atack from planes , coastal guns , whatever ...
imagine this in a Dunkirk cenario for example ...
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Post by Wild Bill »

Try the Desperate Measures scenario, with the DD Campbelltown jammed into the locks at St. Nazaire. That one is a lot of fun. No naval action, but the Navy is there.

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Post by BlitzSS »

I never did understand the explosive’s canister in that scenario, and it would be nice to have an actual destroyer icon that had a line of site to the enemy.

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