Make me an offer I can't refuse

Post here to meet players for MP games and generally engage in ribbing and banter about your prowess.

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Jay Doubleyou
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Make me an offer I can't refuse

Post by Jay Doubleyou »

Have some spare time on my hands.
Open to all suggestions, as long as its' WWI, WWII or a random game.
Reply here or pm me with an offer I can't refuse. [;)]

Just bear in mind that I am a very experienced AT player....
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RE: Make me an offer I can't refuse

Post by dominickpa »

Have only one taker for my 30 X 100 mirrored scenario (currently playing) - it will take about 15 turns to occupy the cities on your side of the turf, and give you plenty of time to determine your mix of PPs for upgrades (which will be costly) and subformation builds.  Would like to play with hardcore tactics, seasons and factories (hate to see my engineers sitting idle). 
Will also consider other mirrored scenarios, without water.  My experience is mainly beating the AI to death, but I see this is not so easy when playing humans!
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