Problems ordering through Matrix Online Store

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Problems ordering through Matrix Online Store

Post by Augenstein »

Has anyone else had troubles placing their order through Matrix Online Store? I cant get my order through either using credit card or paypal for payment, double checked everything and tried to place the order numerous times to no avail.. this really sucks. I'd rather not use the european bank transfer and pay 10 euros extra and wait for days for it to be verified and finally get my hands on this thing. It is shame since I have been waiting for the release of Eagle to Bombing the Reich for years. Is this release available for ordering through anywhere else besides Matrix online store?
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RE: Problems ordering through Matrix Online Store

Post by Terminus »

It's not. Try sending Erik Rutins an email about it; there's been plenty of issues with the store lately.
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Erik Rutins
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RE: Problems ordering through Matrix Online Store

Post by Erik Rutins »

Please see my reply to you in the Eagle Day forum. Terminus, the store is working well, but there are always a few orders that need some help for one reason or another.
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RE: Problems ordering through Matrix Online Store

Post by andyinkuwait »

100% there are problems, particularly with paypal which seems to lock up the system especially after you have deleted 'no insurance' extra.
Once the system is locked up, you can't do the order again until you call them to reset their software. This is expensive if you live abroad. Only solution is to pay by credit card which has less of a problem. This has happened to me twice so I won't be using paypal with this company again. The 'customer service' area where problems are reported is a waste of time as you have to fill in a website email which is sometimes responded to with a 'its digital rivers fault' or 'its matrix games fault' but nothing actually gets done. If you finally get them to reset their software and place the order by CC your complaint simply gets 'lost in the system'.
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