Starships Unlimited II and Interwar Naval Arms Race

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Starships Unlimited II and Interwar Naval Arms Race

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I received your E-notice about collaborating on Starships Unlimited II today. I'll make the same suggestion to you I made to Malfador Machinations a couple of years ago after I first played Space Empires III. How about a game on the naval arms race here on planet Earth in the 1920s and 1930s?

Players could start with their navies left over from World War I. They have a budget. They might be under an arms treaty (very unpopular in the War in the Pacific: the Struggle Against Japan forum). They could work on new technologies like welding, metallurgy, diesel propulsion, gunnery, aeronautical engineering, 100 octane fuel, aircraft carriers, submarine technology, etc. You could even throw in technologies that didn't pan out like airships, gyrocopters, and diesel aircraft engines. Players could build the fleets of the number and types of ships they wanted within the money they had. The real challenge would be anticipating when war might break out. Build too early, and you're stuck with obsolete weapons. Build too late, and you're unarmed.

Now defunct Crusader Studios was planning something like this, only set at the turn of the century and covering the naval arms race between Britain and Germany. They were going to call it Greyhounds of the Sea. Do you build dreadnoughts or submarines? And again, you didn't know when war would break out. It's a pity they never completed it.
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