Serious prolblem - TFs not moving

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Serious prolblem - TFs not moving

Post by WITPPL »

Hi, it looks kind of an old "last hex/end of the world" bug. Several of My TF (Guadalcanal) are not moving for last 3 days or so.
My ass was completly devastated by my honorable oponent in a process.
Im an allied side.

Who can help?

Plus, I have noticed some weird TF behavior. It looks like Some or All allied TFs in Guadalcanal scenario have some precoded paths and it looks like they are coming back to mama from time to time ignoring issued orders (by me).

The issue with frozen TFs is hot or I will loose australia, napa valley and a duck called "honey" curently in London to a glorious IJN.


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RE: Serious prolblem - TFs not moving

Post by BPRE »


It's probably better to post this in the forum for the game (I presume that is WitP AE). If you search I think that you will find some thread on the TF disregarding orders and going to fetch some unit/air group also. Don't remember the outcome but I know that some problems were apparently fixed by deleting couple of files and restarting the game.

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