Steel Panther owner in India?

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Steel Panther owner in India?

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Are there any Steel Panther World at War owners in India? I would like to purchase the game, not using a Credit Card, but a demand draft, drawn on a Govt. of India bank, payable in India. Why not open a retail office of Matrix Games in India? I am not a very seasoned computer gamer, but I like some of the titles of Matrix Games a lot. I would love to play the Mega Campaigns. If the game cannot be purchased easily all over the world, then why not make the mega campaigns freely available? It would be a great public relations exercise for Matrix Games.
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RE: Steel Panther owner in India?

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You can download the game for nothing.

Only the Mega Campaigns are available for purchase.
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RE: Steel Panther owner in India?

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I think he means the 'Generals Edition' that includes all the mega-campaigns, which are no longer available seperately.

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