Awesome Game Thanks!

From the creators of Crown of Glory come an epic tale of North Vs. South. By combining area movement on the grand scale with optional hex based tactical battles when they occur, Forge of Freedom provides something for every strategy gamer. Control economic development, political development with governers and foreign nations, and use your military to win the bloodiest war in US history.

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Awesome Game Thanks!

Post by Tanaka »

I have to say that after the latest patch this is the best civil war game out there in my opinion! Kudos and thanks to the FOF team! [&o]

If you expanded the map (added more provinces) and added detailed naval combat in my opinion you would have one heck of a sequel to an already killer game! [:D]
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RE: Awesome Game Thanks!

Post by Gil R. »

Thanks! We're thinking about a sequel, but because of other obligations it wouldn't be something we could get done this year. If we do one, I think we'd seriously consider both of those.
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RE: Awesome Game Thanks!

Post by Hidde »

I agree wholeheartedly! Ever since the first COG I've been thinking about trying one of WC games. Thanks to the recent sale I finaly made up my mind.
Part of my hesitation came because I suspected it to be very time consuming.
It certainly is but that's not such a bad thing when the game is as good as this.
I have only played a few turns in my first real campaign and I could ask a myriad of questions but I'll settle with this:
It seems to me that the AI never does anything during nighttime in detailed battles.I moved around a bit in one battle and that gave me some advantages. If the AI never reacts to such movements it feels gamey and a bit like cheating and I wont do it.
Oh, one more thing. I play with random, hidden stats (I learned to love it that way when I played Frank Hunters old classic).
Use generals with historical abilities, but don't tell the player at the start of the game which general is which.
This is an idea from J. Palfrey I think and I belive it's great.
Please consider it as an option in future games. ACW or anything else.
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