Reviews from those who have both COG and COGEE?

This sequel to the award-winning Crown of Glory takes Napoleonic Grand Strategy to a whole new level. This represents a complete overhaul of the original release, including countless improvements and innovations ranging from detailed Naval combat and brigade-level Land combat to an improved AI, unit upgrades, a more detailed Strategic Map and a new simplified Economy option. More historical AND more fun than the original!

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Reviews from those who have both COG and COGEE?

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So far I've read a good number of reviews from first time COGEE players. Just wondering if there are many here who have both COG and COGEE. I have COG and am debating whether COGEE is that much different/better than COG to warrant a purchase. Yes there are new features like will to fight, a bigger map, detailed naval combat...but I want to hear the opinions of those who have purchased both games. Do you think you got your money's worth for COGEE?
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RE: Reviews from those who have both COG and COGEE?

Post by Mus »

COG:EE is COG with a couple features that COG badly needed (detailed naval combat being the biggest) and then a bunch of polishing and feature adding/tweaking that makes it a much better game overall.

If you liked COG, you will definetely want to get COG:EE.

WCS makes a really good game and there arent many companies out there making games of this type, nor do many companies put out such extensive efforts to patch/support their product after release.

If you are a wargamer and dont support this product/company with your dollars, you are shooting yourself in the foot, or someplace further north.

PS I own COG, FOF and COG:EE.
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RE: Reviews from those who have both COG and COGEE?

Post by morganbj »

I also own all three of the genre.
I think CogEE is far more than COG "with a couple of features" and "polishing/tweaking."  It's got dozens of improvements to a pretty good game system in COG.  EE is bigger (more provinces), smarter (more balanced economies, improved AI, especially in HW), more well developed (more infomration screens, more battle types, simple economy option), and with a naval system that, while not perfect, is certainly fun to explore.   It's about as much as could be squeezed into an existing engine, at least in a reasonabmle amount of time.
Now, I still like COG.  I played it one weekend not long ago, but the differences from COGEE are substantial.
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RE: Reviews from those who have both COG and COGEE?

Post by ubik »

My comments HERE are based from someone who owns BOTH titles.
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RE: Reviews from those who have both COG and COGEE?

Post by vaalen »

I couldn't get into COG because the economy was so confusing.

COGEE was easy to learn and is without doubt the best game ever made on the subject.
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