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Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare is the result of decades of development and fan support, resulting in the most comprehensive, realistic, and accurate simulation of modern combined air and naval operations available to the gaming public. New features include, multiplayer support, third party databases, scenario editors, and OVER 300 pre-built scenarios!

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RE: Patch for Harpoon ANW 3.9.X

Post by HercMighty »

ORIGINAL: koelbach

Or go out for new challenges and try Global Conflicts Blue 2, which is most promising and where my focus nowadays is.

It seems the legacy of fighting amongst the Harpoon community will not die and this thread is further proof. Harpoon Headquarters seem to be now backing GCB2 and as that effort gains momentum Harppons out dated graphics engine will leave it in the past as it dies a slow death.

AGSI inability to unite the community is sad and should have realized back when they signed up with Matrix to have rather just called it quits in the civillian gaming market. At least with this version. Any going forward plans in this market should have been a total rewrite aka Harpoon 4.
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RE: Patch for Harpoon ANW 3.9.X

Post by FransKoenz »


The article 1 & 2 remark was in fact not adressed at Bucks, but at you! [:@]
And I'm not affraid being sewed, after all, I did not copy an entire Database from other authors [Darren Buckley and/or Ragnar Emsoy].

Since your ban has been lifted on this forum a year ago, you in fact never stopped with your personal Holy War against other members of this community. It is rather annoying that you are clearly not realizing that the community is sick and tired of your behaviour and that includes me too. It is not the buglist, but your censorious way to make your point.
My turning point came after you insulted Ralf Koelbach, a respected member of the community, and Pooner 2007, by publishing PDB-remakes of his work, despite the fact that Ralf did not approve this. I also want that you remove my scenarios from the PDB scenario list [That's our oil, and Asian Clash - Prelude].

In the past we co-operated to make the PDB what it is now. You with copying and pasting others work. and I maintained a website [The PlayersDB Scenario Depot] to advertise for a product that shouldn't see the light in the first place. Because you couldn't control my website, you started sabotaging my work as well. This was possible because you did have access to my website. It started with manipulation of the downloadcounters to let others believe that your piece of plagiarism [yes it is! And it was already proven in a very early stage by Sunburn on Game Squad Forum] was a succes! Later, you simply sabotaged links on my website. It stopped after access was denied.
These are not alligations, but determinations of facts.

I was that stupid to join you with your flames, it resulted for me in a lifetime ban on HarpoonHQ. It also made me a person with a arguable reputation. I do regret that very much and only can hope that the community forgives my behaviour when the time is right.

I hereby request a ban of Herman Hum on Matrix Forums [ANW and HCE] for a very long period because of his continuous personal attacks to other members of the fora!!!

I suggest that you start another hobby [perhaps modell trains?].

Put your comments on SS Nostromo [Harplonk], the place where no one can hear you.
Useless to do it here because I will not answer. This is a statement and not a discussion note.

Frans Koenz.

[forgive the poor english, it is not my native language]
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RE: Patch for Harpoon ANW 3.9.X

Post by Erik Rutins »

Ok, first of all, this thread is locked.

Second, Darren, you need to stop jumping in and going for Herman's throat. Regardless of whether you feel that you've been wronged, the forum rules prohibit these kinds of personal attacks and you were clearly the instigator in this case. You're banned for two weeks to cool down and reconsider the forum rules. After that period has passed, e-mail at erikr@matrixgames.com me to have your access restored as long as you can abide by those rules in the future.

Third, Herman, you are definitely on a personal crusade here. Everyone sees it, denying it is really pointless. The latest example is your response to a technical glitch that caused a hiccup in the Mantis list. You immediately came up with a conspiracy theory and when it was explained that it was a technical issue, which has now been fixed, you still maintain that some great conspiracy is at work. Meanwhile, you take a game that you claim to support yet I've yet to see you pass up an opportunity to trash it or AGSI, as long as you can at the same time tout your own work.

I've said before that we appreciate testing and will investigate and fix a bug regardless of who reports it, but this impression you've been trying to generate that you are an honest broker whose reports are purely objective simply doesn't hold up to the light of day. Your reaction to Ralf's comments regarding his scenarios also shows how little respect you have for the intellectual property of others. It's quite enlightening I think for the rest of the community to see how you treat folks who previously worked with you.

If you keep promoting conspiracy theories in the face of evidence to the contrary, that will be treated as bashing and you will also receive another vacation from the forum.

Fourth, Taitennek, if you're going to make accusations and attacks you need to provide proof. I've also reviewed some of the evidence regarding Herman's alleged plagiarism of data. There's a lot of smoke, but there's no fire. In other words, the evidence is not ironclad, even though it's highly suspicious. I think at this point everyone is going to believe what they believe. Unless you have clear undeniable proof, keep your personal attacks in e-mail and off the forum. This is a warning, since I haven't had a problem with you before, but if this happens again you'll get a forum ban to think things over.

Anyone who has played the game knows that it has improved a LOT in the last year or so with the 3.9.x series. Just because Herman won't admit that doesn't make that fact vanish. There's more good news coming for the Harpoon community soon and we appreciate the support of all the Harpooners out there who are more focused on the game than these community skirmishes, in getting the word out about the work that we and AGSI are doing to keep Computer Harpoon going.


- Erik
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