Black Bean version of COG (EE?)

This sequel to the award-winning Crown of Glory takes Napoleonic Grand Strategy to a whole new level. This represents a complete overhaul of the original release, including countless improvements and innovations ranging from detailed Naval combat and brigade-level Land combat to an improved AI, unit upgrades, a more detailed Strategic Map and a new simplified Economy option. More historical AND more fun than the original!

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Black Bean version of COG (EE?)

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Question for WCS: ... 625&sr=1-1

A Black Bean version of COG came out in England just a year after COG was released. As you can see it is dead cheap, at 6 pounds it's under $10 at the current exchange rate. How come the Brits get such a great deal? Admittedly this is now an old game, but I remember seeing this in 2007 and it was still a lot cheaper than the version offered for sale on the Matrix website.
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RE: Black Bean version of COG (EE?)

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Matrix keep their prices high.

Getting a heavy discount on a game after it is a year old sounds entirely reasonable to me.

You should get a friend in Europe to mail the game.
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