Happy Birthday David!!

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Happy Birthday David!!

Post by Goblin »

Hope you have a great day, and are able to enjoy some time with your family and friends!

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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by JudgeDredd »

Seconded...have a great day
Alba gu' brath
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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by Greybriar »

Happy birthday, David!
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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by rhondabrwn »

Dear David,

Had to drop in to send some birthday greetings. [:)][:)][:)]

Here's to the continued success of Matrix Games. [&o]
Love & Peace,

Far Dareis Mai

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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by Arjuna »

Happy Birthday David.[:)]
Dave "Arjuna" O'Connor
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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by SlickWilhelm »

Happy Birthday, David! [:)]
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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by Anraz »

Happy Birthday David :)
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RE: Happy Birthday David!!

Post by David Heath »

Thanks guy....... sorry for the late reply I took the weekend off and tried to take it easy.  I amazed I ma 44.... I really thought I be dead by now [:D]

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