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Post by hellfirejet »

Hello all,
These threads are for gamers to help improve the game, from there experience of individual Nation initial setups.Please help us by your input, so that we all can gain from your years of playing the game thank you all in advance.

IDEA BY iamspamus thanks Jason.
Implemented by me.[:)]

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Post by MitchLedford »

Austrian setup:

Austria has 11 corps that look like inf corps (9 inf and 2 grenadier) and 3 corps that look like cav corps (2 cav and 1 light inf.) For the purposes of this discussion I will refer to these as 3 movers and 5 movers.

I came up with the following setup idea, should diplomacy with France and Turkey turn a little sour:

In Luxembourg:

4 3-movers and 2 5-movers

In either Salzburg, Thereisenstadt, or near the Turkish border, depending on diplomacy with the other powers:

5 3 movers and 1 5 mover

Elsewhere (Breisgau, Venice, etc.) The other 2 3-movers

So the idea is that in Luxembourg, you could have one of the following:

Option 1:

II with 1 inf factor
2I with 1 inf factor
3I with 1 inf factor
4I with 1 inf factor
Light Infantry with 1 inf factor
1 Cav with 1 cav factor

For a total of 5I,IC

Option 2 is:

1Gr with 5I,5G,2C
1I with 15I, 1C
2I with 15I, 1C
3I with 15I, 1C
IC with 4C
IIC with 4C

For a total of 50I,5G,13C

Option 3:

Anything in between.

And then the home/Turkish army would be the mirror of this one. Also, start with all leaders off the board. Then, depending on the French setup, you can dissolve the Luxembourg army into 1 garrison factor and a 4I,IC Light Inf corps (with or without Charles,) or strike for Paris if you put the whole army there. Of course, your army could be on the Turkish border instead! The idea is that Turkey and France don't get to find out until they attack you. Which is, of course, the point of this setup; to prevent this.
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Post by obsidiandrag »

For the 1805 grand campaign -
I have found the best for Austria is the bluf - with teeth from Prussia.
If you have good relations with Prussia and a competent English player you have a little more leway to take minors (which is what the early months are about in the game...
GIVE Prussia the north german neutral minors (let them stratagize with France for who wants what) and the tiptoeing to not declare on eachother.
Setup strong in Tyrol for the taking of Bavaria (say 2 full corps or one and your full grenedier corps)
Setup 2 full infantry and the full light cav in the western section of Venice - with these you need to declare on Romagna and Modena in Jan 05 (unless France has a strong presence then its riskey for Modena) the light cav needs to move forward in Jan so that in Feb you can move on Tuscany and cut off the French from Papacy and Naples.
The other corp and troops can be spread around against Turkey or in your country to look like an even spread of forces.  If there is problems with France, you have 5 full corps one move apart - for turkey (who starts pretty broke and will stay that way) your insurrection corps can hold them off for long enough that your build will catch up.  A corps or 2 in Luxembourg is always a good attention getter to keep France from setting up on your doorstep and keeping Italy open. (same with Munster)
By isolating the southern Italy from france you only have to worry about Spain and maybe some over greedy Russian or Turkish in Naples but most likely they will be fighting each other so you can take ALL of italy and enjoy the splender.  You will need those 3 corps for naples to ensure it goes easy.
As for leaders.. NONE on setup (you can put them on in Reinforcement as needed)
If war with France starts early drop Charles onto the stack, if not use the others for Bavaria and Naples to assist in the combat but keep Charles for the bigger fish.
For early diplomacy, make Luxembourg a conquered minor right away so you can build Austrian troops rather than thiers. Strive for Italy as its your best money maker.
IF YOU WANT TO TAKE ON FRANCE EARLY - opposite..  setup like you want Italy with mostly empty corps (1 factor) and the 3 full infantry corps in Luxembourg - I am assuming you are not going alone so have the english near by accross the channel and Prussia there also so you can drop Charles right away and get to business as soon as it starts but dont drop him before the declaration or it gives it away.  The 3 corps could be for land grab of minors - appearances - until the gauntlet dropps.
best of luck and one of the best quick hits for Austria if the coalition is ready - build ALL militia on the first econ phase and declare in April on France - add the reinforcements to you Luxembourg stack and Charles and wait for Prussia and England to join your stack to move on Paris.
Other than that - I NEVER build militia for Austria - they just have too much money for that..
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