Trade Empires

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Trade Empires

Post by goodwoodrw »

G'day all,
picked this title up in the bargain basement, appears to be fun for 6 or 7 seven yer old game, never seen it before the other day. has anybody else played it
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RE: Trade Empires

Post by cdbeck »

I have Ron. It isn't a BAD game, per se, but it is rather limited in many ways. I actually found it as a freeware DL on another site, but I am not convinced this was an entirely legal way of getting it. Not to worry though, I actually own the orginal CD of the game, although I found it had some problems installing on my system for some odd reason (which was why I looked for it on a DL site).

It plays a lot like the older Railroad Tycoon, Locomotion, or other Chris Sawyer games. It is also like the JoWood game Transport Giant (but this is unplayable on many new systems that use nVidia graphics cards due to limitations with the engine JoWood uses, the same with Industry Giant 2). Part of the fun of Trade Empires was that you could play in many different eras with many different goods and transportation devices. This is also part of the limitation, as you soon realize that a camel and a truck carrying olive oil and steel respectively are basically the same thing with different pictures. Still, I had good fun with it, and it is kinda cool to jump from country to country and era to era.

Critically, it was not well received. A pity, it was one of Eidos's last forays into things other than console games and shooters.

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RE: Trade Empires

Post by Phatguy »

It had some good moments but you had to enjoy some boring staid moments to get something out of it. 
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