Newbie Questions - Manual Revised to the latest patch ?

From the creators of Crown of Glory come an epic tale of North Vs. South. By combining area movement on the grand scale with optional hex based tactical battles when they occur, Forge of Freedom provides something for every strategy gamer. Control economic development, political development with governers and foreign nations, and use your military to win the bloodiest war in US history.

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Newbie Questions - Manual Revised to the latest patch ?

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Alright , started playing the game yesterday and without reading the manual , jump to a addictive 5 hours play [:)]

Guess now is the time to read the manual , so is the manual revised to the latest patch , if not where to get to download the changes list ?

I should have bought this game instead of AACW earlier [:(]


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RE: Newbie Questions - Manual Revised to the latest patch ?

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The manual has not been updated with the patches, since that would take an extraordinary amount of time. Instead, we have a "ReadMe" .pdf file as part of each patch, and this lists the changes to the rules. Note, though, that various data have also changed since the manual, since as weapons ranges.

Glad to know we've got another addict...
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