Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Is Updated

This new Commander's Edition of Harpoon Classic includes land units, neutral and unknown sides, an improved radar and area ECM model and a host of other improvements. Rounding that out are over 200 scenarios and the WestPac Battleset. Try out this great new version of the classic Harpoon!
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Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Is Updated

Post by SeanD »

New features, BattleSets, and more hit the high seas in this latest update

Matrix Games and Advanced Gaming Systems ( are proud to announce the release of the comprehensive 2008.044 update for Harpoon – Commander’s Edition. The update includes some new functionality for Battleset Builders so databases can be embedded in user BattleSets. In addition, there are tons of updated air and sea units, nearly twenty fixes to reported issues, sound and graphic files have been reconfigured to allow for easy modding, and shell Caribbean, South Atlantic, South African, and Middle Eastern BattleSet have been included so a wide variety of new scenarios can be crafted with these new units over the next few releases!

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “We’re always happy to work with the Harpoon team to continue to improve and expand this classic title. The people involved in making Harpoon – Commander’s Edition all that it can be are truly dedicated to this great gaming system and this update is another step forward for all Harpoon fans.”

Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition is the latest addition to the longstanding naval warfare simulation series that has earned awards and accolades from naval strategy fans and military personnel alike. Like its predecessors, Harpoon – Commander’s Edition allows players to assume the role of a fleet commander, making the same type of decisions he has to make, using the same type and quality of information he might expect to get in wartime. This is naval warfare strategy and simulation at its very best – addicting and wholly realistic!

As players take to the seas and command a huge variety of ships in an equally as varied choice of theaters and historical conflicts, naval simulation realists and strategy fans alike will revel in the depth and richness of Larry Bond's Harpoon – Commander’s Edition. Experience realistic gameplay with all new features, art, and more! Choosing from an accurate and editable database of platforms, weapons, and sensors, players can fight one of 269 provided scenarios covering the height of the Cold War to Pirates in Malaysia, or use the provided editors to create their own.

This update is comprehensive and will bring the game up to version 2008.044.

Get the update here.
Sean Drummy

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RE: Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Is Updated

Post by TonyE »

Matrix may want the downloads to gather stats BUT if you already have the 2008.044 beta patch there is no need for you to re-download the release patch. Correct me if I'm wrong Matrix (it is always possible the registration checker was updated, but the game files have not changed).

Thanks for putting up the patch [:)]
Tony Eischens
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RE: Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Is Updated

Post by pad152 »

Could we see a list of changes/impovements?

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RE: Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Is Updated

Post by TonyE »

Thank you for playing Larry Bond’s Harpoon - Commander’s Edition™! We are always looking for
ways to improve your gaming experience. For the latest information on the game, please go to the
Matrix Games web site at
Below you will find the latest and greatest information on Larry Bond’s Harpoon - Commander’s
Edition™. Information in this document supersedes that in the official game manual.
2008.025 to 2008.044 Changes:
New Features:
• BattleSet Builder - Databases may now be embedded in user BattleSets, to distribute a map,
scenarios, and database in one package the user need only distribute two files.
• Split most sounds for the game into individual wav files enabling the user to customize the sounds.
• Split many game graphics for the game into individual bitmap files, enabling the user to customize
the look of the game.
• Submarines and ships will now become more noisy on sonar as their level of damage increases.
• When user clicks and sees a distance on the status bar the water depth at the clicked location will
also be shown.
• New splash screens upon game startup!
• Added a shell Caribbean Basin BattleSet. We look forward to adding scenarios crafted by users
over the next few releases.
• Added a shell South Atlantic BattleSet
• Added a shell South Africa BattleSet
• Added a shell Middle East BattleSet
• Updated HCDB database
A-50E – India
E-6A Mercury – USA
E-6B Mercury – USA
Eurofighter – Germany
Eurofighter – Italy
Eurofighter – Spain
H-6DU Badger - China
H-6M Badger – China
H-6U Badger – China
HD-5 Beagle – China
Il-78MKI – India
Il-80 Maxdome – Russia
KC-45A – USA
ScanEagle Block D – USA
Su-25SM Frogfoot C – Russia
Typhoon F2 – UK
Y-8EW – China
Albion LPD – UK
Atago DDG - Japan
Atago (BMD) DDG - Japan
Bartolomeu (M class) FF - Portugal
Berrio (Rover) AOR – Portugal
Canberra LHD – Australia
Cheng Kung mod FFG – Taiwan
Dajiang ASR – China
Dalang (Type 922) ASR – China
Dolores Chouest ASR – USA
Dongdiao AGI – China
Flyvefisken (C-FLEX) PTM - Denmark
Flyvefisken (Lith) PTM – Lithuania
Fuchi AOR – China
Fuxianhu AFS – China
Gorshkov (22350) FFG – Russia
Hobart (F100) DDG – Australia
Houbei (Type 022) PTM – China
Hsiung Feng III Bty – Taiwan
Hyuga CVH – Japan
Invincible AGM – USA
Juan Carlos I (BPE) LHD – Spain
Kellie Chouest ASR - USA
L'Audacieuse (P400) OPV – France
LNG carrier – Intl
Observation Island AGM – USA
SAM Starstreak Team – Intl
Seehund MCM – Germany
Stalwart AGOS – USA
Svalbard OPV – Norway
Tug (ocean going) ATF – Intl
Type 143 (Tunisia) PTM – Tunisia
Type 143A Gepard (83) PTM – FRG
Type 352 Ensdorf MCM – Germany
Victorious AGOS – USA
Xiangyanghong AGOR – China
Yuanwang (Type 718) AGM – China
Yuzhao (Type 071) LPD – China
Zumwalt DDG - USA
Trafalgar (UFP) SSN – UK
Trafalgar (1983) SSN – UK
Tridente (Type 209PN) SS – Portugal
Triumph (1991) SSN – UK
Bug Fixes/Workarounds:
• Crash Fixed - Using PicIDs above a certain limit could crash the GE or SE when using the Platform
Display. The limits have been lifted and thousands of platform photos should now be possible.
• Crash Fixed - Game will no longer crash when a BattleSet has no scenarios. This would happen
with user created BattleSets on occasion.
• Crash Fixed - When going from a BattleSet with 9 scenarios to one with fewer scenarios (say 6), the
game could crash. This has been remedied.
• Crash Fixed - Occasionally when a torpedo attack was being resolved the game would crash. This
occured if the torpedo annex wasn't loaded when information was requested from the torpedo annex.
• Fix - Planes now will not try to fire cannon when outside one AAM range and within the minimum
range of the next AAM. The player is now prompted to close range to the closer AAM or extend
range to the longer ranged AAM.
• Fix - For pre-commondb BattleSets, play prop launch sound only when propulsion type == 1. This
prevents the E-2 and such from sounding like jets in legacy BattleSets.
• Fix - EC2003 IOPG Scenario 5.0 Victory Conditions fixed, AOE ship type changed to MPS.
• Fix - WestPac 2.0 Blue paths will no longer result in grounded units as long as players stop each
group at the end of its path.
• Fix - WestPac 2.0 Victory Conditions are now possible to achieve.
• Fix - The Orders Writer will now prompt the user to put text in each tab if they have not done so.
This prevents losing precious work without warning.
• Fix - The BS Builder now does a better job of creating the smaller bitmaps from the large maptif
image allowing the use of more varied source TIF files such as CleanTopo2
( ... owfile=268)
• Fix - Removed the depth check that prevents submarines from firing missiles at Shallow or higher.
• Fix - Allow more than 255 names per platform in the Platform Editor. This is good for AAA and
SAM installations, not to mention other ground units.
• Fix - Calculating distances when two units were in the same location was giving spurious results
(like large negative ranges...), fixed.
• Fix - Game could enter an endless loop when an intercept's target unit became undetected or
otherwise removed from play.
• Fix - Partial fix for an inability to fire ARMs at child units of a group whose central unit is not
radiating. The player can now fire ARMs at the other units in the group that are still radiating.
• Fix - Widened game clock time display in status bar and made the width dependent upon screen DPI.
• Fix - Group icons will no longer run away from the range circles for the group...
• Note - BS Builder BattleSets may now contain 21 scenarios, the previous limit was 12.
See the Release Notes section for greater detail.
Tony Eischens
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RE: Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Is Updated

Post by schambers0 »

I have downloaded the update to a memory stick , how do I update the game ? Forgive me Im not great with computers, a massive fan of the game.Cant wait to incorporate the updated platforms.Steve
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