tactic vs several AI+ ?

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tactic vs several AI+ ?

Post by serg3d1 »

To my shame I'm unable to beat even two AI+ (with People Republic simple AI as background) on random map. By the time I'm finishing one AI+ opponent another hitting me full strength on the other side. If I only could finish and assimilate one AI+ faster I may have a chance. So what' would be you tactical advices on dealing with AI+ ?
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RE: tactic vs several AI+ ?

Post by SSFSX17 »

1. Do things that the AI doesn't know how to do. Tactical HQs, Paratroopers, strategic transfers, etc.

2. Be smarter about your unit mixes and production. The AI just dumps stuff into formations according to their roles.
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RE: tactic vs several AI+ ?

Post by Appren »

My favorite way to handle AI+ or multiple allied AI's is to set up a strong defense at the point where they naturally converge on your forces, multiple fortifications, supported by artillery and AA/fighters, and light mobile reserve forces. Have the AI's bleed as much forces as possible on your defense, while you outflank them, attack somewhere else on the map, maybe a naval invasion, or paradrops etc. Typically the AI will keep sending waves and waves that you can then defeat with only moderate reinforcments, from the relative safety of your defensive positions. Your naval invasion or flank attack will meet less resistance, and you can use a fairly large part of your production to keep it going, since the fortifications lets you defend against the AI main advance with low losses.

If you are able to set up in such a way that two hostile AI+ (or ++) forces meet each other as well as your defensive stronghold, they'll kill eachother as well as (failing) to kill you. Feel free to pull your line back a bit, if the map don't give them enough room to attack each other at this point.

If you have issues with one AI+ growing too strong while you finish off the other - don't! Don't just finish off one AI while you merely defend against the stronger. Attack the strongest one, allowing the AI's to still need to use forces to fight eachother.
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RE: tactic vs several AI+ ?

Post by Westheim »

Picking the strongest may not be the most reasonable thing to do. If you can achieve a quick victory against a weak opponent, you can gain precious ground there and then attack the stronger AI with more strength.

What I started yesterday (in the picture), is a game against 5 AI+ on a medium sized map. My capital's Fardcross, almost in the center of the map, therefore surrounded by everybody! (Picked that randomly by electing the people with the least dumb random name) It's turn 17 and the northeastern AI has moved up Medium Tanks III on my front. How dare he? I barely researched anything so far? But by turn 10 I found myself superior to the southern AI. He still has no tanks, while I have standard Light Tanks. (I use to play without full first techs) I started a limited offensive with 3 Light Tanks and some 80 Rifles I + II that has brought me to the outskirts of his capital, all while my I Corps in the far north was beaten out of Bluetimber View by these Medium Tanks III. Why should I redirect my Light Tanks there? There'd be piecemeal. So I kept pushing and took the southern capitol on turn 17. I'm gonna have a huge production advantage now, which nobody would have gained if he had just defended on all fronts. You have to slap one to beat all.

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RE: tactic vs several AI+ ?

Post by Jeffrey H. »

If you cannot gain production parity by conquest, you'll have a very tough time snuffing an AI+ opponent out. The reason is that when the AI goes into hedgehog mode after you defeat his field armies, (which you probably will do) it's down to his ability to pump out units vs. yours and he has an automatic bias. They out produce you so much that you will not be able to deal with the volume of units he pumps out in defense of his home city.
It boils down to obtaining production rate advantage. Without that, you lose.
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