tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

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tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

Post by Ande »

so they've finnally opened the war room.
I might as well celebrate the occation with talking about some random strategy related topic.

so what do you use more? the tank destroyer or the heavy tank? or do you even bother buying the research. personally I see little use for the heavy tank and I seldom use it as I often face a mixture of infantry and medeum tanks. The tank destroyer is about the same at fighting tanks as the heavy tank and the medium and light tank is about the same at fighting infantry. The heavy tank has great survivability but I dont really think it's worth the very high cost
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RE: tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

Post by SSFSX17 »

I don't use TDs or Heavytanks at all. I use light and medium tanks of superior technology in order to push my front lines, and if the opponent has enough resources to build Heavy Tanks then I have enough resources to build more Divebombers. If my front lines need more tank-to-tank power, I have five bazookas ride on every tank.

With that said, heavy tanks are very useful in situations where neither side can bring in good air support or when there are many more important things for air to deal with.
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RE: tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

Post by Jeffrey H. »

Heavy tanks suck up so much supply I'll not 'go there' unless forced into an arms race by my opponent.
Never used TD's, if fully upgraded, might be a good economical counter to HT's ?
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RE: tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

Post by Grymme »

Are we talking WAW, random or in general?
In WAW i have rarely used them. Havent played russia or germany past 1941 though. Have used tankdestroyers as West though. Have seen them used in good effect by the germans also. 1 Tankdestroyer does a big difference in a tank battle. Especially if France is prepared for war.
In random games against ai++ i always use both Tankdestroyers and heavy tanks. They are great fun and the supply issue isnt as critical in random games.
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RE: tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

Post by GrumpyMel »

I guess it depends on the scenerio. In both WAW and random games I've used and seen TD's used to good effect. They'll eat medium tanks for breakfast. The idea about putting bazookas with mediums to add extra AT punch is interesting....haven't thought about that one myself.

I typicaly try to use combined arms in my armor units. So something like 2-3 medium tanks + 1 TD and enough Rifle/SMG's to fill up the carrying capacity works well.

I haven't used heavies very much. I did use some as the West in one WAW game I played. They worked well enough, but I'm not convinced that mediums in greater numbers wouldn't have worked equaly well if not better. At the time, I think I built them because I wanted to fit the most firepower onto the existing transport stacks I had...and the weight numbers just worked out better for heavies.

As far as I can tell, about the only thing the heavies really have going for them is survivability. That might mean you are able to preserve the experience of your units better (less need for green replacements) .... or help when you expecting to fight far away from your Production Centers.... not sure they are general worth it though.  
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RE: tank destroyers vs heavy tanks

Post by serg3d1 »

I like to use TD+Medium combo, but I only play vs AI, and not good even at it. But I like nice tactical feel, having mech divisions with medium tanks, and specialized AT brigades with TD and AT-guns .

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