Uncommon Valor 1.11 Online! Instructions and Info...

Uncommon Valor: Campaign for the South Pacific covers the campaigns for New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland and the Solomon chain.

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Uncommon Valor 1.11 Online! Instructions and Info...

Post by Erik Rutins »

The official Uncommon Valor 1.11 Patch is now online! Please note that all future support questions and responses will depend on you having this patch installed properly first. In order to download and install this patch, please follow the below instructions:

1. In your Uncommon Valor program folder (should be in Start -> Program Files), find the icon labeled "True Update" and left click on it.

2. Click on next to check for a new patch. It will find the patch and report a size. Go ahead and download the patch.

3. When the download is finished, the patch will open an installer in its own windows. If you installed UV in the default directory, you can just keep clicking next until everything is updated. Otherwise, point it to the directory you installed UV in, then let it install the patch.

4. Close things up when you're done. If you installed the patch correctly, running True Update again will tell you that there are no newer versions of UV available than the one you now have.

5. Run UV 1.11 and enjoy!

Note that you can also download v1.11 via FTP at:

ftp://ftp.matrixgames.com/pub/UncommonV ... h-v111.zip

A full list of the patch changes can be found in a new UV Changes in v1.11 PDF file in your UV program folder post-patch. This can also be found in your main UV directory. For your convenience, the list is reproduced in full below.

Old saves and PBEM games _will work_ with UV 1.11 provided all players update at the same time. The main purpose of this patch is to address the retirement bug in 1.10 as well as a few other issues. If you have not yet installed 1.10, install that first and then install 1.11.

Note that we are already at work on the next patch. If you don't see your personal issue addressed here, don't worry.


Matrix Games - 06/19/2002
Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

Patch Items for Uncommon Valor version 1.11

1) Text errors “Sever” changed to “Severe” and “Emplosion” changed to “Explosion”.

2) PT Boats and Barges when in a task force that is disbanded, sometimes disappear from the port in which they should be located. Fixed.

3) PT Boats and Barges sometimes cannot be transferred from one task force to another. Fixed.

4) Bombers flying too high for CAP can no longer be attacked by that CAP. A text message appears so saying.

5) Aircraft can be forced to fly higher than maximum altitude by selecting a group with a higher maximum altitude and giving a “Set All” order. Fixed. Aircraft are no longer allowed to fly higher than maximum altitude.

6) Experience for flying supply transport and troop transport missions has been reduced.

7) Multiple messages concerning interception of air transport have been removed. Now, one message per air group is displayed, instead of one per aircraft.

8) Reinforcement air groups appear in the assigned location, even if it is held by the enemy. Fixed.

9) The player is now notified by a text message on the lower left of the screen, when air groups arrive if playing against the computer or when the computer plays against itself.

10) Reinforcement ground appear in the assigned location, even if it is held by the enemy. Fixed.

11) The player is now notified by a text message on the lower left of the screen, when ground units arrive if playing against the computer or when the computer plays against itself.

12) Hex 19,30 is shown to be a shallow water hex when F2 is pressed, but is not a water hex. Fixed.

13) On the task force orders screen the number of hexes the task force may travel at normal speed is now displayed after the “Moves” data on the upper left of the pop-out box. If the value is green, it means that the task force commander feels he will have enough fuel to go to the assigned location at normal speed and return. If there is no assigned location, the value may be written in red, as he has no idea where he is going. If the task force travels at high speeds, such as in the case of a bombardment task force or fast transport task force or if the task force engages in combat, this indicator may be inaccurate.

14) A bug which prevented task forces from retiring to home base, after completing a mission has been fixed. There will still be times when a bombardment, surface action or fast transport task force can end up in harms way, as the dawn arises, however. These include the task force being low on fuel or if the task force spends too much time engaging enemy vessels at the target location or if the “Do not retire” option is selected. The player might note that some task forces will not be able to approach closely enough to attempt the mission. These would include bombardment, surface action or fast transport task forces with the “Retirement Allowed” option selected, which do not have sufficient speed to make it into and out of the target area in one night. These will hover at the best range they can reach and await further orders. Ships of speed less than 25 knots will frequently have this problem.

Erik Rutins
CEO, Matrix Games LLC


For official support, please use our Help Desk: http://www.matrixgames.com/helpdesk/

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Post by rosyblue »

Thank you, for your concern.
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Post by brisd »

Installed 1.11 in wee hours of the morning and ran about ten turns, everything looking good so far. I appreciate the fast reaction and continued improvement of the game. Thanks to all involved! :cool:
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Wow, that's quick!

Post by bradfordkay »

Thanks, guys... It was just last Saturday that I dl'd v1.10. Now you've another patch out... You're the greatest!

I also want to thank you for how fast your system downloads the patch. I have never had such large patches download this quickly. I only managed to connect today at 26.4k, but still could only read 2 of Dgaad's DM ship histories before the download finished.
fair winds,
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