1.03 BETA on its way!

Empires in Arms is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. Empires in Arms is a seven player game of grand strategy set during the Napoleonic period of 1805-1815. The unit scale is corps level with full diplomatic options

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1.03 BETA on its way!

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Hey guys:

We've built the 1.03 BETA image and we're simply doing some final image testing and should have the BETA posted here shortly. Here are the change notes:

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.10
- 0000162: [Game Bug] Game hangs during AI reinforcement phase (marshall) - resolved.
- 0000073: [UI Enhancement] Seeing map from combat screen (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000077: [Game Bug] bug when attacking a fleet in a blockade box (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000037: [AI Enhancement] AI Austria reluctant to ally with Prussia (marshall) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.09
- 0000155: [Game Bug] Regression bug -- can't declare war on some minors, despite being in range (delatbabel) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.08
- 0000132: [AI Bug] AI spending money on militia (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000145: [AI Enhancement] AI doesn't purchase cavalry at all (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000153: [PBEM Bug] France phase reinforcement looking for battle file (marshall) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.07
- 0000143: [Game Bug] Siege possible after foraging with unused movement. (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000123: [Game Bug] Game crashes when AI attacks in field combat. (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000136: [AI Bug] AI sometimes not landing troops after selecting an amphibious invasion (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000146: [AI Enhancement] AI doesn't declare war at all (delatbabel) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.06
- 0000048: [Game Bug] Problem with blockading neutral ports containing enemy fleets (marshall) - resolved.
- 0000057: [Rules Deviation] Second attacker of a controlled / at war minor stealing the conquest. (delatbabel) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.05
- 0000003: [Game Bug] Bristol not allowing the movement of ships into / out of port (marshall) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.04
- 0000018: [AI Bug] Presence of one unit in hostile minor can prevent other units from moving in, thinking the first unit is another neutral MP! (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000129: [AI Bug] AI spending too much on cav, needs better build strategy (delatbabel) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.03
- 0000114: [Game Bug] Unplaced land factors during reinf are _not_ lost. (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000126: [Game Bug] After foraging with zero movement remaining, cannot besiege city (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000124: [Game Bug] Can't move corps or forage (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000116: [Game Bug] AI British manpower calculations incorrect (delatbabel) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03.02
- 0000027: [Game Bug] Armenian provincial capital is set to Alexandretta making it switch control when it should not! (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000029: [Game Bug] Some battle wait states are blocking the game from moving forward in the dipomacy phase (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000028: [Game Bug] Some blockade resolutions were causing human players to become AI thus kicking them out of the game. (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000032: [Rules Deviation] Loaning units function will not allow leaders to be loaned (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000025: [AI Bug] AI is trying to manipulate minors that they are DOWing! (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000044: [Game Bug] besieged port supply still not working right (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000058: [Game Bug] Civil disorder can lockup game when MP in civil disorder must surrender to multiple MPs (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000034: [Game Bug] Successful withdraws from an area with a defending depot (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000012: [Game Bug] When doing unit to unit transfer in PBEM, the results of the destination unit are not carried over in the turn file. (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000010: [Game Bug] When first loading a game and selecting Ally rural units the unit display will fill with French corps (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000009: [UI Bug] Erroneous messages "None controlled by" are happening in text log during PBEM games (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000021: [Rules Deviation] Need to change pp gain/loss (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000011: [Game Enhancement] Need to add new alliances and broken alliances as headline news events (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000015: [AI Enhancement] Need to change AI diplomacy to be more aggressive and more intelligent in DOWs. (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000051: [Game Bug] depot at Lisbon is not in a valid supply chain (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000013: [UI Enhancement] Need to add starving messages for garrisons (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000050: [Game Bug] Unable to detach garrison from corps inside city with enemy corps outside (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000002: [Game Bug] Game allowing depots with factors to transfer factors to itself (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000081: [Game Bug] Game hangs during AI placement of units (delatbabel) - resolved.
- 0000101: [Game Bug] Game hang after surrender with blockaded fleet (delatbabel) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03 DEV 2008-06-10
- 0000078: [Game Bug] Landing from a fleet in the blockade box (jansorensen) - resolved.

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.03
- 0000052: [AI Bug] Prussia MIL production is very wrong. (jansorensen) - resolved.
- 0000019: [UI Enhancement] Change move order messages not making the transfer to any other MPs (delatbabel) - closed.

Thank you

Marshall Ellis
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