Nothing But Problems

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Missouri Rebel
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Nothing But Problems

Post by Missouri Rebel »

Support, I need help. I have been a active member for quite some time under my initial username of Missouri_Rebel . When I tried to login my account password was incorrect so I followed Matrix procedure and was sent a new temporary password through the e-mail confirmation process and told to follow a link. When I do a page comes up stating that a new PW has been sent, yet it never arives.

When I try to login with the temp password it says I cannot until I have received the new one. Again, no email sent.

What gives? I have tried several times over the last few weeks to no avail. Can someone at matrix please help me out?

Mo Reb
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RE: Nothing But Problems

Post by Gem35 »

Sorry Mo Reb for your issue[:(].
I too have had a similar issue with retrieving a game registered serial number and got a message that it was delievered to my email with no sucess.
I had better luck using email to the mods.
Try sending a Mod this question via email, they may see it faster/sooner.
Good luck , Sir.
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RE: Nothing But Problems

Post by Missouri_Rebel »

Fixed....How silly of me. It was sending it straight to the junk mail. Never thought to check since it sent the others to the inbox. Thanks for the advice though.
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RE: Nothing But Problems

Post by JudgeDredd »

Yep...junk mails folders...the saviour and bane of every computer users life!!
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RE: Nothing But Problems

Post by panzers »

You got that right!
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RE: Nothing But Problems

Post by Widell »

ORIGINAL: JudgeDredd
Yep...junk mails folders...the saviour and bane of every computer users life!!

Don't blame the folders, blame the junk mail [:D]
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