loaning corps

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loaning corps

Post by Hawks5896 »

My question involves the loaning of corps amongst major powers.

Case in point - Britain controls Portugal, and is Allied with Spain and Russia. France is also Allied with Spain and has all his troops in France and Europe - none in Spain. Now the French request and receive the loan of a Spanish Corps from their Ally Spain, which they then use to attack Portgual and wrest control from Britain.

Does anyone besides me see something wrong with this picture? Do we really think that in real life Spain would loan troops to Napoleon so he can capture Portugal which is a country controlled by Britain, who is Spains Ally?

Not only that but Spain isn't at war with nor do they have to declare war on Britain. Should Britain wish to retaliatevs Spain for their perfidy, they must spend the points to declare war.

Also can someone indicate how a power goes about loaning their fleets to an Ally - there is no button of mechanism for this, yet Ralegh in his game tips uses ships loaned to Allies to illustrate his example of loaning units to Allies - How does the ship loaning work.

IMHO, this whole mechanism for loaning corps and then using them against yor enemies cheapens the entire game experience - its a loophole that be exploited by those gamers who want to use the quirky rules of the game to win at any cost.

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RE: loaning corps

Post by bresh »

Whitch patch are you using ?
Dont think your corps lend should be able to fight anyone you are not at war with.
Atleast so in patch 1.02.

Well im unsure, but in 1.02 fixlist was :
FIXED: Loaned corps that are not at war are participating in battles.
And i seem to remember this was only an issue for defending.
If the "MP" owning the corps was not at war with say GB, his corps would not be able to attack.

There is currently no loaning of fleets.
Its on the enhancement list.
Among many other things.

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RE: loaning corps

Post by Hawks5896 »

We are currently using patch 1.02g as far as I know

We will see what happens - Napoleon in our game has just asked for a loan of a Spanish Corps but has no troops in Spain, however Portgual is one turns march away so we suspect that may be what he is up to.

Glad to hear he may have a problem doing so.

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RE: loaning corps and fleets

Post by Ralegh »

(a) loaning of fleets was briefly possible in beta (when I tested that strategy), but was later removed (turned out to be a bit trickier than originally thought). It is on the list of known bugs, and Marshall knows how much we need it back.
(b) changes in 1.02 make clearer that the whole "loaning corps" thing is to allow combined movement and combat, and NOT implement a "corps-on-loan" solution ala the board game.  Loaned corps will (now) only fight an enemy its original parent is at war with, and will only enter territory its original owner has the rights to enter.
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