two questions

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two questions

Post by wooboy77 »

Two things i really don't get in this games:
- how are textiles produced from cotton and wool... i don't get it.. how to manage your cotton and wool production? How does it produce textiles?
- how to know how much labor a province can produce? without playing without just playing with the labor allocation bar, from wich factoresdoes the labor production come from?
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RE: two questions

Post by jupiter »

Cotton & wool are produced by Agriculture.

To produce textiles, you need to allocate to both Textiles & Labor.

In both cases, look for the Provinces where this is thier best resources.
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RE: two questions

Post by vonkraus »

I just posted a question similar to yours regarding Where have all my Textiles gone? The answer that I've worked out by closer observation of the game and some input from others is that cotton and wool are needed to allow the production intent to make textiles. To make textiles you need:

Wool (3 woll to 1 textile and near as I can tell) and/or cotton (1:1?)
Factories (the more you have in a province the more each unit of labor produces)
Labor allocation (not labor as a resource, mind you, but the production bar settings)

However, just because you want to make a bunch of textiles and have allocated a copius amount of labor resources does not mean that you will actually produce all of those textiles. Watch the total amount of textiles produced box (that's the red one) as you add labor in a province that should normally be able to make lots of them. If you are adding labor and the number that province is supposed to produce is going up but the number in the red box is not going up, you will be dissapointed with the results.

Cotton and wool are produced by the textile production level in each province, not the agricultural setting (not the most intuitive thing, I know, but this is how it works). Again, as you move the labor allocation up and down for ag and text watch what changes for the individual province production numbers. That's the best way to see what affects what.

Regarding the production of "labor", the larger the province population and the more factories the province has the more each unit of the slider bar increases the labor output of the province. This labor is the transportable kind that is needed to build province improvements and units, not the kind that actually creates resources in the province.

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