Plunder bug

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Plunder bug

Post by vonkraus »

I have found a rather nasty bug in the plunder rules (I'm sure I'm not the first or only) where you are at war with a nation and have units that are in that nations territories set to "plunder". Suddenly that nation surrenders to you and your troops are tele-transported (StarTrek style) to some province that you own. Then they plunder the heck out of your own provinces!?!?! Quite frustrating. Is this on the list for fixes? I'm running the latest (1.2.26) version.
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RE: Plunder bug

Post by ericbabe »

It is perhaps an unfortunate side-effect of the way the rules work, but it's not a "bug" per-se as the code seems to be working as intended.

For COG:Emperor's Edition we're working on an exception to the rules such that teleported units don't require supply the turn they are teleported, and that their plundering orders shall be reset.

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