Midgame SETUP, Stuck in Feb

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Midgame SETUP, Stuck in Feb

Post by gmatcuk »

In a PBEM game with Pr/Ru, at the end of each Prussian land phase, I get the PBEM_WHO_AM_I error. The only way I can continue the game is to use the admin menu to use the AI to finish my phase. However, when I try to use the admin menu to use the AI through to the Russian turn, I have to have the AI play through Land Combat phases for each nation (even when there is no land combat for that nation), and when I finally get to the Russian turn, it is as a Russian SETUP phase. The problem being is that even after going through this, the game is stuck in Feb 1806. That means no new Economic phases and no reinforcments.

Hopefully this can be fixed in the next patch.

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RE: Midgame SETUP, Stuck in Feb

Post by Marshall Ellis »

We had several 2 way PBEM game issues. This mainly was the result of using the AI to play a player BUT the game would not automatically play other AI players turn normally. This would halt the game at an AI player's phase. This sounds like what you're seeing but in your game. We should have this fixed in 1.02 and also we're adding an autobackup feature for the game host each month.

Thank you

Marshall Ellis
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