Suing for Peace Rule Questions

Empires in Arms is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. Empires in Arms is a seven player game of grand strategy set during the Napoleonic period of 1805-1815. The unit scale is corps level with full diplomatic options

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Suing for Peace Rule Questions

Post by ecn1 »

Okay, I have some questions about the peace process.

Here is the situation.

1. Spain Declares war on Portugual and Sweden in Jan. 1805
2. GB takes control of Sweden and Portugal in minor control phase, but does not declare war in support at this time
3. Spain lands troops in Sweden in Jan 1805 Land Phase and moves corps into Portugal

4. Feb Diplomacy 1805 - GB declares war on Spain now (the next month after receiving control of portugal and sweden)

5. Spain decides to sue for conditional peace after fleet is soundly defeated in Feb 1805...

-Okay my questions are

1. Does GB keep Sweden and Portugal when Spain goes to peace with GB (they have not been conquered yet by spain), or does spain remain at war these minors?
2. what happens to spanish troops in sweden if war with sweden now they magically reappear in spain? how do they go home?


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RE: Suing for Peace Rule Questions

Post by zaquex »

1. I assume Spain no longer will be at war with the minors and that GB retains controll.
2. Spains troops will be "magically teleported" to a random eligible place, not necissarily in spain (not currently sure how target location for repatriation is decided, where they end up doesnt always seem to make sense, it is supposed to be closest eligible friendly area and the owners choice if more than one alternative exist).
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RE: Suing for Peace Rule Questions

Post by Murat »

1. Yes, Britian would get to keep them.
2. It's random.
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