Mandatory Peace Conditions Missing?

Empires in Arms is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. Empires in Arms is a seven player game of grand strategy set during the Napoleonic period of 1805-1815. The unit scale is corps level with full diplomatic options

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Mandatory Peace Conditions Missing?

Post by seaforth7 »

I just found out that the option to start at war between France and Britain is not enforced by the Mandatory Peace Conditions of the board game, that is Britian can't accept French surrender unless unconditional and Napoleon goes on a holiday. This means that unless you make a house rule the option is worthless as Great Britain and France can immediately go to an informal peace at no cost to either. Can be a big shock to the other powers......
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RE: Mandatory Peace Conditions Missing?

Post by Jimmer »

Against the AI, you can win even if they do have peace.
Against humans, I recommend implementing a house rule if you want this. The original rule you refer to was, after all, an optional rule. As long as all players understand the terms, it should be OK.
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RE: Mandatory Peace Conditions Missing?

Post by fvianello »

Yes, in our PBEM we're using a house rule to force only unconditional peace between GB and France. Against the AI, that's a problem.
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