Please Help!

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Please Help!

Post by Dennistoun »

I have just downloaded Panzer Command Winter Storm and went to install it but when I open the folder my screen flashes violently and I have to shut down the computer and start again to no avail. This never used to happen when I downloaded stuff the middle of last year but has started from Dec 07. I don't know if I have inadvertently changed a setting in the recent past or what.
Can somebody please come up with some suggestions?
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RE: Please Help!

Post by sterckxe »

Can somebody please come up with some suggestions?

You could try to run a DirectX diagnosis to see if there's a problem with it.

Start - Run ... "DxDiag" and hit <enter> should start it - on various tabs there are various tests you can perform and the final results can be saved to a file.

Also, asking this question in the Panzer Command forum might also be a good idea.


Eddy Sterckx
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