Bug - Russian Setup

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Bug - Russian Setup

Post by Suvorov928 »

Ok, I found a bug in the Russian Setup.

I placed 3 corps in St Petersburg and one corp 2 spaces to the west in area274 on the Finnish border. I then placed a depot in St Petersburg, however, the game would not let me place a depot in area274, saying it was not part of a valid supply chain.

You should be able to place depots anywhere during your setup, and the really strange thing is, if you load the Russian default setup, there is a depot in area274![X(]

So, was I doing something wrong or is this an already known bug?
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RE: Bug - Russian Setup

Post by prielo »

Same happened to me when setting up the French. I set up some corps the area east of Zurich. Then I placed a Depot in Zurich. I wasn't allowed to place another one right with my corps. Annoying.


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Marshall Ellis
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RE: Bug - Russian Setup

Post by Marshall Ellis »

It is now not only a known bug (I was able to duplicate) but it also now fixed and will be in the first patch!
Thank you

Marshall Ellis
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RE: Bug - Russian Setup

Post by fvianello »

Let's hope the patch arrives before we start our PBEM game [&o]
H. Barca,
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