AI does not move

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AI does not move

Post by alexvand »

So I'm playing as Russia. 2 years have passed and only Spain has moved a corp. Once. Everyone else is frozen. Bug? or really stupid AI?

(You might wonder why I played that long. It's my first game and I'm busy learning the interface and the rule changes formt he original board game.)
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RE: AI does not move

Post by DodgyDave »

My wars as france, i saw england sending in a corps at times, to try and take out the holland fleet or to invade and hit paris, Prussia and austria seems to try and hit behind your lines, but in the end loss due to wasted effort, but they do try to make proper hits on your main stacks, which is very interesting.

but as turkey, i invaded russia, russia more or less just stood still, while i had troops moving in, on the way to second eco, i still had control of Sevastopol, Kamenetz, Brest-litovsk, kiev and ekaterinoslav, would have had vitebsk, but a small force of 3 corps jumped me there and my leader and cav corps had to withdraw second day, after a draw. (funny still draw using morale 2 troops) :)
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