DOW and conquest

Empires in Arms is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. Empires in Arms is a seven player game of grand strategy set during the Napoleonic period of 1805-1815. The unit scale is corps level with full diplomatic options

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DOW and conquest

Post by Missouri_Rebel »

Please help Twotribes with this one. I hijacked his thread earlier and he never got his answer, Sorry Twotribes.

Ok I DOW on some minors. I move Corps into the minors. I very carefully do not forage all units, just those NOT in the areas I will need to attack the cities/garrisons. Yet I can not do so at the right time as it says I have foraged already. I used the single forage button on corps not in those areas yet it acted as if I had foraged there ( on the plus side I guess, it did not charge me for supply)

Next turn, since I could not attack garrisons last turn I again do not forage in those provinces, but this time it charges me for supply , lack of supply AND it does not allow me the opportunity to attack garrisons, skipping directly from land move to the next countries land move.

Further I DOW on one minor and did not get troops into it ( I think I missed a corps somewhere since it says it won't let you DOW on a minor you can not reach. Next turn, according to rules, I try to redeclare was and it states Free State or Conquered. I can not move into the minor, its corps is not in one of my provinces BUT is outside its borders.

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RE: DOW and conquest

Post by Suvorov928 »

In order to besiege a city, you must click on the move into/out of city button.

If you DOW a minor, and do not move corps into the province, then the war against that minor lapses, and the country then belongs to the major power that took control of it when you originally declared on it.  You can no longer attack that minor, unless you are at war with the major power controlling the minor.
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